What can be expected in September around Brock construction

Photo by: Zoe Archambault

Photo by: Zoe Archambault

Brock University is a growing campus. This has become apparent based on the large-scale investment in infrastructure to provide new services and academic spaces to Brock students. Both returning and incoming students will be affected by the construction which is why it is important to understand what it is providing to you and to your student experience. There have been two large scale phases of construction happening on the Brock University main campus this summer.

One of the largest construction projects has been the Goodman School of Business expansion. The journey to the expansion began in April 2015 when the Government of Ontario pledged $10 million to help create a new space for the Goodman School of Business. The project was budgeted at roughly $24.1 million of which a significant portion was funded by a generous gift from the Goodman Family Foundation in 2012.

The Goodman School of Business began originally as a small administrative studies section within the Department of Social Sciences and has since grown to become a world-renowned business school with a myriad of specialized courses. In the past 10 years alone, the business faculty enrollment of both students and staff has more than doubled.  The construction is due to be finished this December. The construction has added two different wings to Taro Hall alongside a complete renovation of the building.

So what will this provide to students? Upgrading existing spaces through innovative design blended with new dynamic environments the project will increase Goodman School of Business by over 29,000 square feet adding to the existing 50,000 square feet which will also be completely renovated. Of this existing and new space roughly 5,000 square feet, will be used for new educational spaces for students and 3,500 square feet provide networking and social spaces.

Included in this are six new state-of-the art classrooms and offices added for students use, alongside leading technology introduced into the classroom to help improve the student experience. Alongside the six new classrooms thy will there will be upgrades to Taro Hall’s nine existing classrooms with new flooring, furniture, ceilings and accessibility functions. The technology upgrades include new AV, whiteboards and improved student seating to provide a modern environment and improved pedagogy.

Within five new dedicated interview rooms completely equipped with supportive technology to encourage prospective employers to meet with students. There is also a new Goodman School of Business Students Association office on the third floor. Here students can meet with their student leaders and engage with their school outside of the classroom though club involvement.

One of the most exciting additions is the Goodman School of Business Atrium which is one of the most visually apparent and attractive features. A two-story glass atrium located at the west end of the complex it will provide students with a fully equipped area to both study and promote individual research and group collaboration. This atrium will act as a new university landmark to help reinforce the Brock Plaza as a thriving core of the university.

In regard to the construction affecting the rest of the university the Main University Complex will not be fully operational until later in the year. The goal of this construction is to open a corridor to improve accessibility throughout the university.  The main aspect will be to have a corridor open for the start of classes which will enable access from east Thistle to west Thistle and provide more accessible entry to the Schmon Tower elevators. After construction is finalized the Main University Complex will be the Brock “Learn, Innovate, Network and Commercialize” (LINC) facility.

The Brock Press will have future updates on the ongoing construction at the University.

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