Fall fashion and beauty trends you’re about to see everywhere

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With Summer 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to put aside the mustard yellows and dewy foundations that marked the season and make way for the trends of Fall and Winter. The minimalist, natural aesthetic is here to stay with slight alterations suited to the typical trends of fall and winter.

Bold patterns are the new way to do statement pieces. Runways showcasing fall/winter collections have largely seen animal print, but fashion week streetwear suggests that plaid and houndstooth everything will become prominent over the next few months. For if you prefer solid colours, muted yellows, bright reds and varying shades of brown are likely to dominate your wardrobe for Fall.

As the weather gets colder, the natural shift to sweaters and jackets is an obvious one, but comfort won’t have to be sacrificed for fashion this time around — oversized shirts and coats are becoming popular. Fashion week saw a wealth of draping, open cardigans, meant to give the appearance that a blanket had simply been thrown over the model’s shoulders. On the streets, baggy sweaters and puffer jackets made many appearances, often hanging down to people’s knees.

Makeup enthusiasts have been leaning towards creating a natural glow with liquid highlighters and BB creams. Prepare for a gradual transition to satin finishes for the colder months — a middle ground between the retired matte aesthetic and the new dewy one. For lips, swap out opaque liquid lipsticks and lip liner for sheer lip glosses and toppers. Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Buxom boast of a large selection of glosses to choose from with varying colours and opacities, and for a cheaper alternative, check out NYX Butter Gloss.

Fluffy, more natural eyebrows will be taking center stage over the next couple of months, which means trading in pencils and pomades for eyebrow gels. Up-and-coming brand Glossier has been dominating this field with the wildly popular Boy Brow, which requires only a couple of swipes to achieve a purposefully unkempt brow.

Over the course of the year, beauty trendsetters Lime Crime and Anastasia Beverly Hills announced the Venus 3 and Norvina palettes respectively, setting a new precedent for other brands. Both palettes are littered with purples, pinks, cool-toned neutrals, and ethereal glitters. Other brands have already begun following suit by making the transition from strictly warm-toned eyeshadows to cool-toned, with bright purple becoming the must-have colour. To tie these glitters and dramatic colours into the effortless aesthetic people are beginning to strive for, a new trend is sheer pops of one colour all over the lid and blended out.

Overall, the upcoming season is promising to those who want to remain fashionable yet effortless and relaxed. Fall continues to see the transition from polished and immaculate to comfortable, casual, and just a little bit messy.

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