Ease your way back into school

Returning to school can be tough for everyone. Even if you worked all summer, the idea of school sounds more dreadful than long hours and student working conditions . There’s a whole different routine to school and a different schedule each day.

While most of us have reached the point in which we want summer to be over so we can be back with our friends at school. However, September also means finding the perfect routine to keep yourself on track with your studies.

The best time to build up your routine and stamina for school is the week prior to moving back. Syllabus week can also be a helpful time, as it’s a good idea to go to class to hear any important notes from the professor. More importantly, it gets you into your day-to-day routine with your course schedule.

A good step to getting back into the groove is setting your alarm clock every day as though you have a morning class. Doing this for the week prior to school will get you used to the annoying noise — unless you dealt with it all summer for work — and it’ll make it easier to deal with an early start to your day. Let your body and mind get used to the conditions that await you for the next six months.

Use the week prior to school to set achievable goals. This could be as simple as wanting to go to the gym four or five times a week, or it could be a little more challenging by wanting to meal prep from week-to-week. Maybe meal prep is a little extreme, so challenge yourself to limit how many times you eat out during the week.

Working out and making your own meals will be good for both your physical and mental health. It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment even before you have to start your first assignment. It’s a good confidence boost before the stress of classes begin.

To help the emotional side of what comes with post-secondary, don’t forget about your friends at school. Most people stay connected with their roommates or friends throughout the summer, and others, due to work and travel, lose touch. Get back in touch before  returning to school. Talk about how everyone’s summer was, but more importantly start getting amped up about what the year will look like for all of you.

This could simply be what you all plan to do during first-week and Homecoming; this will take away the stress of thinking about school. Maybe tell them about some of your own personal goals, not related to school, and as your friends they will be there as support through those goals.

Remember, school is important but your health is more vital. It’s key to ease yourself into the year because it comes at you fast. Let’s be real, the four months of summer went by so fast it felt like only four weeks. The school months will do the same. Assignments and midterms will come at you fast, and the only way to be prepared is to take a positive approach into the first week.

Here we are, another year of school set to begin. Make sure to make it a healthy year, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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