Brock University will soon have all-day Tim Hortons breakfast

From Guernsey Market, to the residence dining halls, the Hungry Badger, and the Brock University Students’ Union operated General Brock and Union Station, Brock is filled with great diverse food options. Nevertheless, the University is preparing to make additions to further improve the student experience this fall.

Tim Hortons construction at Brock

Tim Hortons construction at Brock

Currently with three Tim Hortons on-campus – one of which is a self-serve in the Hungry Badger – students and the Brock community alike will be able to purchase more than just a beverage and a small snack.

The Tim Hortons, located in the Schmon Tower, is currently under construction as it will soon offer all-day breakfast. This will include all Tim Hortons breakfast food like sandwiches and bagels. The goal is to have the Tims ready and opened by the end of September.

The other two Tim Hortons – located in Thistle and in the Hungry Badger (Walker Complex) – will continue with the same drink and snack options. That includes hot and cold beverages, and snacks such as, donuts and muffins.

The Hungry Badger will also see a new food addition in January 2019. Joining the Tim Hortons and Pita Pit will be a Pizza Pizza. The Pizza Pizza will have a full menu, from ordering a single slice to ordering an extra large pizza to share with friends.

Hungry Badger in Walker Complex at Brock

Hungry Badger in Walker Complex at Brock

Brock is also expanding its organic options to students with the addition of Pluck Tea, Plant Bean Coffee and Beyond Meat Burgers. These options will be available at non-branded spots on campus: Guernsey Market, DeCew and Lowenberger dining halls.

Planet Bean Coffee was established in 1997, and has been an early adopter of the emerging North American Speciality Coffee movement, a founding licensee of Fairtrade Canada and a consistent promoter or organic and bird friendly coffee.  Through the Cafe Femenino coffee program, Planet Bean empowers Indigenous women farmers in co-ops in Peru and Sumatra to improve their village and home economies.

The Beyond Meat Burger picked up popularity most recently when it became available at all A&W franchises located in Canada. Celebrities such as, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates have invested in Beyond Meat.

The pea-protein based burger looks and tastes like a real burger, with beets used to make the meat red and bleed when cooking. It will be available on campus in the winter semester, starting in January.

Pluck Tea, a premium tea company started up in 2012, will be available in September. According to their website, Pluck Tea travels the world for “premium tea leaves from Ethical Tea Partnership growers, and then adds unique local ingredients like Prince Edward County Lavender, Muskoka cranberries, blueberries, and grape skins from Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara”. A special Brock blend is currently in the works.

Adding to the java line-up for Dining Services is Starbucks. New this year, DeCew and Lowenberger will serve Starbucks proudly brewed coffee and the Guernsey Market will have a self-serve Starbucks Barista machine. This Starbucks machine guarantees the same beverage quality of a full service Starbucks, featuring a variety of speciality drinks including hot chocolate.

Changes to food selection on campus have been a result of feedback and surveys conducted by Brock University Dining Services.

“It is an exciting time for food. Last year we implemented the Happy or Not feedback stations that allowed the opportunity for students to have a voice regarding food and beverage on campus” said Malcolm Dales, Associate Director Operations. “Sourcing new options that achieve a more diverse and inclusive food program on campus is important to us.”

Moving into the 2018-19 academic year, Dining Services will continue to expand their food feedback models by conducting focus groups, engaging through community feedback boards and continuing the Happy or Not feedback program.

The Brock Press reached out to BUSU regarding the vacancy in Union Station, which was previously occupied by Fortune Cookie. According to Robert Hilson, General Manager at BUSU, the students’ union is not ready to publicly announce its newest addition.

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