Grevan Fearon appointed to the board for Canada Summer Games

Gervan Fearon

When it was announced that Niagara would host the 2021 Canada Summer Games, it was evident that Brock University would be involved in more ways than one. On Wednesday, it was announced that Brock’s participation would start at the top.

Brock President Gervan Fearon has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the 2021 Canada Games Host Society, which is a 17-person board that is taking the lead on planning and delivering the Games.

Kristy Duncan, the federal Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, confirmed Fearon’s addition to the board.

In a press release, Board Chair Doug Hamilton said that Fearon, “wealth of experience and passion for spot and community development will help make the 2021 Canada games in incredible success”.

The Games is expected to bring about 5,000 athletes from across Canada to the region, with another 5,000 volunteers be a part of the event. With Fearon on board, it brings ample opportunities for Brock to be involved throughout the planning process and the actual games.

“As President of Brock University and a member of the Niagara community, I am thrilled to be working alongside outstanding colleagues on this critical initiative,” Fearon said in the news release.

Fearon added that the board will be working with individuals and organizations across Niagara to make the Games a success.

Tom Arkell is one of the other 17 board members, and the only other member along with Fearon that has ties to Brock.

Along with Fearon, Arkell and Hamilton (chair), the rest of the board consists of: Mary De Sousa, Dino DiCienzo, Carmen D’Angelo, Mario D’Uva, Carolyn Hurst, Evan Johnston, Karen Natho, Michele O’Keefe, Liz Palmieri, Dave Patterson, Tom Rankin, Elaine Roper, Adrienne Smoke, Wade Stayzer, Mary Turner and David Veres.

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