Fake News Edition: Introduction


*Disclaimer: This article is from The Brock Press’ 2018 satire publication, which followed the theme of ‘fake news’ meant to bring humour to our readers. All quotes are attributed to made up characters.

In honour of the “fake news” era we live in today, The Brock Press presents our satire issue. None of the stories in this publication are real and should not be taken seriously. This is merely a year end comedy publication to lighten the mood with year-end assignments and exams on the horizon.

During the 2017/2018 year, over the course of 26 publications, The Brock Press has had an opportunity to cover lots of news involving Brock University and the local community. The staff has worked extremely hard to cover student politics, club events, sport events and the local arts scene. This year we strived to continue the goal of covering news that matter to the students of Brock — as The Brock Press is students working for students.

The decision to go with a satire themed issue for our final issue was not only to lighten up the mood as students are in the final stretch, but to make fun of the amount of “fake news” cry that has been made in the public these last couple years. These articles don’t fall in the category of the topics that have been deemed “fake news” by people like Donald Trump. We have instead chosen topics that will make our readers laugh and allow for imagination to run wild on ‘what if’ some of these were true. Some of the topics relate to Brock and its students, but do not represent the view of the university, any department, Brock University Students’ Union or any other affiliation to Brock. The Brock Press satire issue is merely comedic and meant to be interpreted that way. In no way is The Brock Press trying to offend anyone, as we are trying to bring laughter to our readers.

The Brock Press would like to thank everyone who followed and read along all year. We appreciate the support and the feedback we have received from many people around the Brock community. Moving forward, in my third and final year as Editor-in-Chief, I will work with our staff to continue improving as a student-run campus newspaper. We made some changes to the newspaper this year, with changes to our sections and creating a larger team in our news and sports department.

Lastly, good luck to everyone on exams and final assignments. The summer is upon us and it will be a deserved four months off for everyone.

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