Badgers, MacSporran part ways


Brock Sports announced Wednesday afternoon that the department has parted ways with women’s basketball head coach Ashley MacSporran. Athletic Director Neil Lumsden told BP Sports Niagara that the two sides parted ways due to a personal matter. No further details were given.

MacSporran took over the coaching duties in 2016, after Si Khounviseth had parted ways with the department.

In her two years as the bench boss, MacSporran led the Badgers to a 14-29 record. From the 2016/17 season to this past season the women’s basketball team saw a lot turnover with the roster as only three players returned.

Both seasons included a lot of bad luck for the Badgers as players were continuously in and out of the lineup due to injuries.

Prior to her time at Brock, MacSporran coached in the OUA as an assistant for Guelph and Windsor.

MacSporran was the programs fourth head coach, which had a track record of coaches being around for a long time. Khounviseth coached from 2009-2016, he replaced Chris Critelli (1984-2009) and Pat Woodburn was the first ever coach from 1977-1984.

Everyone from this seasons roster will be returning next year, expect for Brooke Murdoch, who is set to graduate.

No timeline has been given for when a new coach will be announced.


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3 thoughts on “Badgers, MacSporran part ways

  1. Well done Brock…. You have once again shown your complete ineptitude in growing a women’s sports program that the community can get behind. You took a person who is respected in the community, passionate about the team and tossed her away. Based on what? Her win loss record? Unhappy players? She inherited a team of whiny lazy players….you could see that from previous seasons.

    As an alumni of Brock you have just reaffirmed why my donation dollars will be going elsewhere.

    #Embarrassing #firelumsden #firecritelli

  2. I am saddened at the news of the firing of Coach MacSporran. She has done so much for the City of St.Catharines and for the community.
    Ashley was always seen attending local clubs basketball camps and practices where she shared her love of the game of basketball and message of inclusion. She was always giving back and inspired her players to do so as well. Just this past weekend she was at the Easter Egg hunt with some of the members of her team- a wonderful ambassador of Brock and then to be treated like this. WOW! She was truly an inspiration in her role on Compassionate STC – and her Inclusive Camp this past summer was amazing for our kids. This was a huge loss for Brock – and a total loss for our community. #baddecision #badmovebrock

  3. This is so sad! Coach MacSporran always made herself available to local basketball teams where she shared her expertise and love of the game of basketball. Our players loved the workouts and learned tons!! I can’t believe Brock has let her go! What are they thinking? Maybe there needs to be a change in athletics – but it isn’t the coaches! #badmovebrock #sosad

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