Why don’t Canadians know anything about Canadian Politics?

Trudeau and his family on tour in India. /Postmedia


I am blind to Canadian politics. I am totally ignorant, with wondering eyes set on American happenings. CNN is constantly on the television in my home, with Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer yelling into the camera. The focus is all America America America. I spent four years in the states, the latter two suffering through the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s eventual inauguration. When I returned home to Niagara Falls, I couldn’t turn my attention off of American politics. It’s much more interesting, more like a soap opera or reality tv show than news. Even my mother, a woman who never had interest in any kind of politics, has been roped in, prompting my father to ask of her CNN obsession, “What are you watching that for? Why don’t you watch Canadian news?”

The answer is simple. Canadian politics are boring. While that is a subjective opinion, it seems to be the consensus. I haven’t the slightest clue as to what’s going on. Wynne is screwing over Ontario, Singh is making waves and may possibly be favoured to be the next Prime Minister and our current PM is making a mockery of Canadian politics, spending more money than the nation’s coffers actually have. Or so I’m told. But I don’t really know myself. I keep listening to CNN and what Trump is up to again.

The biggest discussion happening lately is the minimum wage hike in Ontario. I have mixed feelings about it as a minimum wage worker, but also a person whose family owns two small businesses. My politics are at war with each other, politics that I can’t even identify. I don’t even really know which party I support.

Trump enthusiastically gives a speach. /Youtube

-Theodore Kountourogiannis ,Contributor

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