Are you ready to tell your biggest lie?

Everyone has held onto a lie, big or small. The lie can stick with us in a negative way, causing anxiety, worthlessness, stress or worry. Often, we have thoughts of wanting to come clean with these lies, either telling the person who you lied to or expressing to a close family or friend about what you are holding onto. However, it can be extremely difficult so we continue to hold onto the lie.

Brock University Students’ Union and out-going Vice-President of Student Services, Maddy Wassink, have planned an event for April 3, to help the Brock community get over their biggest lie. The event called “What’s Your Big Lie?” will begin at 7:30 p.m. with doors to Isaac’s opening at 7:00 p.m.

What’s Your Big Lie is an interactive presentation hosted by Jordan Axani, a man who travels the world with this workshop.

“This is my final large event as VPPS for the year,” said Wassink. “And has been something I wanted to see happen since I went to the event myself last summer.”

What’s Your Big Lie will involve as many students and staff to all be gathered in Isaac’s, and everyone will be able to anonymously text in their biggest secret. Again, it is a lie that may have caused you anxiety, worthlessness, stress or worry. After people have sent in their anonymous text, the text will be projected on the screen for everyone in the room to see, while remaining anonymous.

“The idea is to remove masks that we put on every day, acting like we have everything together when we all have our struggles,” said Wassink.

Axani and everyone in the room will then encourage the people who have sent in a text to overcome their struggles.

“By having these ‘lies’ up on the screen, we are showing others that we are all in this as Badgers and that no one is alone through these struggles,” explained Wassink. “With exam season approaching and stresses running high on campus, the timing really couldn’t be better for students and staff.”

This wellness event is free to everyone in the Brock community to attend on April 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Isaac’s. More explanation on What’s Your Biggest Lie can be seen in this YouTube clip: or visit the events Facebook event page:

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