Students raise funds for 2018 Graduating Class Gift

Brock Press – Samantha Daniel

The 2018 graduating class are leaving their mark on the university by providing the school with the first ever class gift. Students in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences have come together to form a committee to bring an Anatomage Table to Brock.

The Anatomage Table is a state of the art piece of equipment that allows its users to explore electronic versions of human cadavers and other anatomical structures in three-dimension. It contains four gross anatomy cases, over 20 high resolution cases, and over 1000 pathological examples. The table, which has been shown to improve student test scores and overall understanding, has become a popular addition to medical schools across the world. If Brock were to bring the table to the school, it would be the first technology of its kind to be available in an undergraduate program in Canada.

The idea for the gift was first brought up last summer by Dr. Brian Roy, the Kinesiology Department Chair. Dr. Roy then approached James Hall, President of the Kinesiology Students’ Association with the idea, hoping that he would be able to connect to students and get the project going. Hall loved the idea and started reaching out to students to help with the project right away.

He also tried to find out from students what there was a need for in order to be able to provide students with the best possible class gift. Hall received feedback that indicated the anatomy lab equipment needed to be updated. After looking into it Hall found the Anatomage Table and thought it would be a perfect class gift.

First year Bachelor of Kinesiology student Leona Noble who is on the committee for this project made it very clear that it would be an excellent tool to add to the program.

“Just with my own experience in the anatomy labs because we are working with the plastic models, you can see all of these students, and myself included, just struggling to try to understand and even holding the arm things were falling off. It is very difficult and it takes away from the learning because you have to basically worry about keeping the model together more so than learning”, said Noble.

The hope is to have the table at Brock by this coming September. In order to achieve this goal, the committee has been encouraging members of the Brock community to donate towards the cause. The total cost of the table is approximately $110,000. The committee hopes to raise $20,000 of those dollars from the student population in order to be able to show administrators that there is a want and a need for the equipment. For the rest of the funding, the project will soon be brought to the senior administrators, the board of trustees and the President. Aidan Hibma, current Vice-President, Finance and Administration and future President of Brock University Students’ Union, who is a member of the committee, is hoping BUSU can contribute a part of their budget to the project.

“For me, it was really awesome to see that it is not just administration that is trying to make Brock amazing, even more amazing than it already is when it comes to learning,” said Hibma. Hibma got involved back in late January, early February. His role on the committee is to help bridge the gap between the students and the administrators and to help find new funding models for the project.

The rest of the committee features students from many different programs and many different years.

“I think the one thing that really stood out to me about this project was how this has the potential to benefit multiple disciplines, not just the faculty of Applied Health Sciences,”said Michael Tolentino, who is a Biomedical Sciences student at Brock.

Efforts to raise funds for the 2018 Graduating Class gift will continue up until the end of June. Donations of all sizes are welcome.

To donate less than $20 text “Give” to 289-277-2824 and follow the provided instructions. For larger donations, please visit Hover over “Give to BrockU” and click “Donate Now.” Select destination as “2018 Graduation Class Gift.”

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