Revive the Rose blossoms on local radio


Revive the Rose was formed in 2014, and brought homegrown rock music to Southern Ontario from their hometown of Welland. It’s been a strange road since, however, with a number of lineup changes, and shows everywhere from bars to beaches and “even the library once” according to more recent member Jake Parrotta.

They’ve been growing steadily over time, with a dedicated fan base and a steady number of live shows each month. Recently, however, Revive the Rose have come into contact with even more success. Their single “Nine to Five” from their sophomore EP Generation Breakdown has been featured daily on 97.7 FM in St. Catharines, which has had a tremendous impact on their output according to singer and founding member, Andrew Colonico and new drummer, Andrew Gagnon.

“We’ve noticed more people recognizing the work we have been putting in,” said Colonico. “Yeah, we noticed that a lot of new fans are finally discovering us,” added Gagnon. “The feedback has been great.”

This isn’t the first time the band has been on the airwaves: in their career, they’ve been featured on four stations in Ontario, and even one out in British Columbia. It’s still a milestone for them to receive such regular airplay, however. Colonico made it clear that this success hasn’t taken away from their motivation to work hard.

“We feel very honoured, but there’s a lot more we’ve got to get done,” he stated. A full length album is in the works, and the group are keeping up the pace with their live shows. They have also recently started working with a radio distributor, and through this have been able to make contact with radio stations in the area on a more professional level than they would have been able to otherwise.

The version of “Nine to Five” that’s hit the airwaves is a remastered version compared to what appears on Generation Breakdown. The altered mix helps bring out all the things that make the band so compelling; the multiple guitar parts are more clearly defined, the bass groove is that little bit deeper, the drums that little bit more of a powerhouse. All that energy is there in the original release, but this version of the mix accentuates everything that make them shine.

Though it contains only two EPs, Revive the Rose’s back catalogue is a great collection of hard rocking anthems for everyone; there’s no pretentiousness here, there’s just attitude, and the talent to connect with you over their attitude. “Nine to Five” might lament the daily grind, but everyone in this band is giving the music their all, and it shows. With their recognition and fanbase ever-expanding, it seems there’s no way to go but up.

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