Editorial: Another chance for the student body


Once again, a referendum is going to a re-vote. Back in October, Brock University students got to vote on the transit referendum for the second time in a seven month span. The referendum wasn’t considered a “re-vote”, but rather a second opportunity for the student body to vote, after a majority realized they had just voted to limit transit for students.

This year, the Student Justice Centre is going back to referendum, which is considered a re-vote. In less than a month this will be the second time SJC’s referendum will appear in the inbox of Brock students. Voting has officially begun for the re-vote (read article on page four for more details). However, the only reason SJC’s referendum is back after passing in February is because the question during the executive elections didn’t include “per credit”. Which does throw things off a bit – although, students could have used their resources to find out it was a “per credit” fee.

Again, page four for more details on the SJC referendum as this editorial isn’t for that.

This is about Brock students’ needing to be held accountable. Two referendums going to a ‘re-vote’ is ridiculous. The transit referendum was because students weren’t informed enough. They didn’t (care to) do their research and the transit referendum failed.

The SJC referendum will see a re-vote because of a simple human error. As an editor, I know how it feels to make a grammatical error. However, I also understand that something of this magnitude should have been double and tripled checked, and proofread. Brock University Students’ Union has hundreds of employees and SJC, who would benefit from the increase fee, also probably read over the question before it went out to students. Yet, no one was able to catch this error?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming any single person. I’m also not blaming just BUSU. This is an error on both the students’ union and the students.

The walls of Brock probably hear a student complain about tuition and debt at least once a day. Tuition continues to increase each year and referendums like transit and SJC are part of the cause. If you don’t want to pay more, vote no. However, if the resources are something that benefits you it is worth voting yes.

So, when a referendum is coming up, students have to do their research, so it can be done right the first time. Referendums involve student money, so don’t cry because you didn’t understand the question, the questions wording was awkward or it missed a couple words – you owe it to yourself to do the research.

The Zone, Brock Radio and Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre are referendum topics for late-March. The expansion of The Zone has been talked about a lot – you’ll either vote yes because you use The Zone, or no if you don’t.

Go ahead and be upset if you didn’t get your way as long as you did your part to research. If it is simply because you didn’t do your research, than I don’t think the walls of Brock need to hear anyone complain about the cost of tuition.

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