Don’t be a jerk on St. Patrick’s Day

mar13.op.stpatsEverybody’s favourite drinking holiday is coming up soon. Calling St. Patrick’s Day in North America anything else is at best willful ignorance, and at worse a blatant lie. Most of us (myself included) dress up in green and shamrocks and spend as much of the day as we can drinking beer dyed green and drinking irish whiskey until we think it’s a great idea to speak in a fake irish accent (it never is).

Another common feature of St. Patrick’s Day at Brock is the street party. They happen every year and this year will be no different, despite the promise of an increased police presence and a general crack-down by the Thorold community on the heavy partying of Brock students. Even if promises are made, people will still end up in the street, stopping traffic, making a mess and just generally being far louder than usual.

This kind of thing is a normal part of the university experience, but that doesn’t mean that you and your friends have to let it get out of hand. Have your fun, but try your best to be respectful of the community. Don’t bother your neighbours who might not be students such as yourselves. Don’t break things. Don’t leave beer cans and red cups laying around in the street. When all is said and done, you all still have to live there. Take care of your neighbourhood and take care of your neighbours.

Of course, your best bet is to just not party in the street. There are plenty of places to party away from residential neighbourhoods and you might try taking advantage of those. The beer is cold and there’s probably heat, and it is just as much fun to paint shamrocks on your face indoors as out. And the best part is, someone else gets to do the cleaning up. Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day, Badgers. And don’t be jerks.

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