Did You Know: five benefits to packing a lunch


At some point in life we have all gotten into the habbit of packing a lunch. However, this is a habit that may not be followed by many students in post-secondary. There are several reasons as to why packing and bringing a lunch from home should be your first choice, even though we all know it may not be as easy as eating out and buying your lunch on the go.

  1. Price

Many students are surely feeling the pain in their wallets as they suffer through the plight of being the stereotypical broke student. As they complain about all the tuition that they have to pay, and their bills and rent and other costs of living, they still stand up in line about to dish out double-digit dollars for a meal. You do not require analytical breakdowns and cost projections to know that you can save quite a bit of money if you were to prepare your lunch at home and bring it with you, especially if you are cooking everything yourself.

  1. Convenience

Another constant complaints that the collective representation of students might have is that they never have enough of that invaluable time. They again complain about all the assignments they have to do, their job, volunteering and having to meet these friends and binge watch these television shows (which are all a suitable use of time if you so choose to do), but waiting in lines and for food to be prepared never seem to be a deterrent strong enough to force them to pack a lunch. A lunch can be prepared during spare time so when you have something to do, you are not forced to wait for your meal. As well, you are given the flexibility to eat when you want, how you want, and where you want, making your entire life holistically more flexible.

  1. Quality

To put it simply, packing a lunch tastes better, or at least has the potential to taste better. You already know for the most part what is going to be available at the Guernsey Market or if you are feeling venturous, off at the General Brock or Union Station. However, when you pack your lunch, you have control, so you can always get what you want. Additionally, you can also incorporate some variety into what you are eating, so you can avoid eating a burrito for the fifth day in a row.

  1. Health

This is probably the most important reason as to why you should start packing a lunch, because of the obvious health benefits that accompany bringing a lunch. Of course, there is the possibility that you could head out and find food that is healthy, or you could bring lunch that is unhealthier to whatever you buy. However, if you are buying all your ingredients fresh and cooking and keeping track of exactly what goes into your body, then you can ensure that you are not ingesting any extra chemicals or preservatives that can be harmful to your system. As well, you hopefully do not have a deep fryer at home, so you can avoid the trans fats more often.

  1. Stop being lazy

This one will be the shortest because it just a better way of life, to set up a routine and be productive. There are undoubted benefits, both for your spirit and body, of actually putting in the effort to make your lunch and then packing it. The health benefits to being lazy and passive are not as much to be seen.

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