Did You Know: 5 summer sports to keep fit


If you have been keeping up, you may remember the article detailing five winter sports to keep fit. After hearing some positive feedback and great stories of people who tried out some of those sports, we in The Brock Press Sports and Health section decided to continue this and provide a parallel list for the summer season. Whether you’re taking spring and summer courses, working for rent money or just watching Netflix,, here are five summer sports that you can surely find time in your schedule to try and help keep you active:


  1. Cricket

This is a sport that draws from British origins and has a rich but not well-known history in Canada. The first and longest-running international sporting event in the world is the Karl André Auty Cup, a cricket series contested between Canada and the U.S. each year. Sir John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, also made cricket Canada’s first official sport shortly after Confederation in 1867. From shorter games of a couple of hours to marathons that go on for five days, cricket combines many different skills and is sure to keep you active and burning calories in the sun. Check out the Niagara Cricket Club or St. Catharines Cricket Club for recreational leagues or facility locations to try a match.


  1. Ultimate Frisbee

If you are looking to build your endurance, or are just looking for a fun time with your buddies at the park, look no further than a sport that might just require the least amount of equipment to start up. Head over to the dollar store and pick up this flying disc that can cure summer boredom even among inactive people. Be prepared to do a lot of running and make sure to stay hydrated to avoid possible health risks, such as heat stroke.


  1. Field Hockey

This one is for all those hockey-crazed Canadians who can not get enough of their passion even when the sun is shining in the summer months. It is understandable to never want to give up traditional ice hockey, and the choice between going outside or heading to the rink for a shinny session can be difficult. As such, field hockey is the perfect marriage between getting your fix of the beautiful summer weather and your equally important fix of ’Canada’s Game’.


  1. Beach Volleyball

You will be doing yourself a big favour by trying some beach volleyball, especially if you are staying near the Brock area for the summer. It is an excuse to go to the beach, and nobody should ever turn that offer down. The shores of Lake Ontario provide some nice sandy areas with many local establishments that create a unique community which makes for a great day out. As for the actual sport, there is technique and exercise that combines with the resistance effect of the sand to ensure a tough but enjoyable workout.


  1. Tennis

Tennis is a great individual sport to pick up that can be carried on year-round with many indoor options and is a great way to stay fit throughout the year. Many municipalities offer free tennis courts with drop-in hours and inexpensive racquets can be bought at any sporting goods store. Also, the Rogers Cup comes to Toronto every summer, and there is free entry from August 3-5 if you’d like to see some stars in action.

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