BUSU March elections: two of three referendums pass

After consistently seeing a record turnout in voting over the last few Brock University Students’ Union elections and referendums, the student body was almost non-existent for the March elections. Only 25.8 per cent (4,077 students) of the student body voted during the elections that spanned from March 27-29, as there were three referendums up for vote.

Of the students that voted, 77.2 per cent said yes to the expansion of the Zone, 55.4 per cent said no to the funding of Brock University Student Radio and 72.7 per cent voted to continue the funding of Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre.

Students’ were asked if they supported the creation of a $17 per credit fee over a period of five years, which would allow for the Zone fitness centre to be expanded. The fee will not be charged against students until 2020, when the expansion is expected to be completed. Following the completion, there’ll be a $1.25 per credit fee to cover maintenance and operations.

What the Zone fitness centre would look like in 2020

What the Zone fitness centre would look like in 2020

Brock currently supports the smallest university fitness centre in Ontario at 4,300 square feet, but has about 18,000 students.

In 2013, Brock University Student Radio (CFBU 103.7) was defunded, losing the student fees they received from BUSU. However they had the opportunity to regain that funding during. Unfortunately, a majority of students (55.4 per cent) said no to the $1.75 per credit fee that would’ve started this spring.

CFBU continues to operate off-campus, with a handful of students as volunteers.

In terms of the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre, it seemed the department was confident they would see a continuation of student fees as no campaign was run by them. That confidence was shown in the elections with a large majority (72.7 per cent) of the student voters agreeing to continue the $2.76 per credit fee.

The March elections also include BUSAC and Senate seats, however every position was acclaimed.

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