Brock students doing good with Xocial


Xocial is a startup company that aims to reward people for doing good.

In December 2017, two Master of Business Administration students worked tirelessly to get as many students as possible involved in the campus campaign that Xocial was running. With their hard work came success. Anaadi Shivnani, the Xocial Advocate for Brock University, his colleague Manish Devnani and all of the students who volunteered their time were able to raise $1000 to donate to Brock’s Graduate Business Council.

“It is this concept of gamification where you use game elements to promote your business,” explained Shivnani.

You sign up either on the website or on the app to join their campaigns. Campaigns are under such categories as environment, education, social issues, lifestyle, and random acts of kindness. Within each campaign is a number of challenges. Completing them earns you XP points, which can lead to rewards. If they do not have a campaign that interests you, you can also create your own.

Xocial is currently doing a series of campus campaigns targeted at universities and colleges across North America. The aim is to encourage post-secondary students to do good around their community for a chance to win money for their school. So far, they have had two campaigns and are currently working on another.

For the campus campaigns students are organized into teams based on their school. Each month’s campaign has a list of tasks and each student is encouraged to complete as many of them as possible. Participants are given a XP goal for them to strive to achieve.

Some tasks can be completed multiple times, while others are only done once.

Each activity is associated with a certain number of XP points. Challenges can range from holding a door open for someone to donating blood or cleaning up the school.

While most challenges are done individually, some are done as a group, such as volunteering challenges. In order to prove a challenge has been completed participants must take a photo or a video of them doing the act.

Brock’s main competitor for the first challenge was Niagara College, but Brock won. Brock students completed enough tasks to have three times more XP points than the goal Xocial had set. This resulted in a $1000 donation being made to the school. During the second campaign, Brock and McMaster were competing head to head but in the last moments McMaster was able to obtain an extra 50 points, pushing Brock into second place. However, Devnani had the largest amount of XP points of any student that participated. For this, he was given free Xocial merchandise.

Brock students are currently competing in another challenge called March Goodness which will last the month of March. Devnani and Shivnani are trying to get as many students involved as possible. In the future they want to donate the money to different departments based on the interests of those who participate.

“This makes it more competitive. You have your name and you are moving up the ranks. It motivates you to do more in this platform,” said Shivnani. He went on to explain that joining Brock’s team is a fantastic opportunity to not only do good and feel good about it but to meet new people. At the end of the first campaign Shivnani got all the volunteers together to enjoy each other’s company and he intends on continuing this practice.

Those who are interested in learning more or need help signing up for Brock’s team, contact Anaadi Shivnani at or by calling 289-969-5832, or Manish Devnani at or by calling 647-575-6647.

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