Brock Anime has a successful trivia night


Last Friday, The Brock Anime Club gathered to host its fourth Anime Trivia Night for the year. The Trivia night took place with a crowd of 15 enthusiastic and friendly anime-fans.

The event tested participants’ knowledge of anime through an online Kahoot. There were prizes for the individuals who came first, second and third in terms of points. The prizes included posters, mugs, notebooks and stickers, all of which related to the theme of the month, comedy anime. The theme decides what type of animes are watched throughout the month and what the trivia nights theme will be. Other themes that the club adopted this year included horror, school-like and romance themes.

At the event there was also anime genre bingo. As the name implies, the bingo cards were based off of anime genres. There were three rounds of bingo. The winners of the bingo got to choose the anime that will be watched on April 6, at the club’s final meeting for the year.

“[The trivia night is] an extremely fun experience that if you are in to anime or video games or whatever you can leave your bubble without it being too bad,” said club member Christopher Watson.

Besides the Anime Trivia Nights, this year, the club has hosted a Sushi Lunch in addition to  its weekly meetings every Friday. At these meetings students have open discussions about anime related topics, watch anime, play anime Jeopardy or anime charades. The club watches all kinds of anime. They watch different genres, they watch movies and they watch television shows.

“It is fun. Usually we have good conversations,” said Charles Ellingham, another club member.

The club is open to all students.

The Brock Anime Club has been around for 20 years now, so next year the club hopes to host a big party in celebration of its longevity. Additionally, there are plans of having a Dragon Ball Z/Mario Kart Racing tournament, having biweekly tables in Mackenzie Chown to promote the club and to host workshops.

The future of the group looks bright. According to The Brock Anime Club President, Madison Grant, “[We} hope to to get more for it to become more than just a club”.

“If you like anime and video games or you are part of nerd culture and you feel sort of like a social outcast, it is easier to make friend and it’s a good place to make friends. We don’t just talk about anime. We talk about video games, we talk about just regular geeky stuff,” said Watson.

 Those interested in joining the club can start attending the weekly meetings and join the Facebook group for The Brock Anime Club.


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