With midterms ahead, let’s talk about stress


Life is stressful. Whether you’re worried about your midterms, a job, or your favourite team just lost a big game, stress can affect you for many different reasons and in many different ways. Everybody has their own ways for dealing with stress, but if you need some new ideas here are a few things to help you relax.


In my experience, music is one of the best ways to help with stress, and I know I’m not alone. Whether it involves playing an instrument, sitting back and listening, or dancing along to your favourite songs, music is able to help you relax. The main way it does this is by taking our attention, while also acting as a distraction. So whether you’re singing, dancing, or just laying back and listening to your favourite songs, music helps to ease your mind. It may seem unproductive at times, but productivity levels actually increase when stress is minimal, so taking some time for yourself at first could be more efficient in the long run.


Another great way to relieve stress is to take out that built up stress on the weights. Aside from the obvious health benefits of working out, it can be used to improve overall mental health as well. The release of endorphins from physical activity act as natural painkillers while also improving your ability to sleep, which is a big part of relieving stress. The great thing about using a workout to relieve stress is that you benefit your body and mind at the same time, and are still being productive in some way while also taking care of yourself. Even just five minutes of exercise is enough to begin seeing the positive effects for stress relief. Remember that for stress relief, you don’t have to be doing organized workouts. You can throw on music, and jump around and dance — giving you the relief benefits of music and moving your body.

Get Organized

Stress and anxiety are often a result of feeling overwhelmed with everything you have going on. When it seems like everything for school and work can be piling up, figuring out what needs to be done and in what order is the first step towards working through it. Write out when things are due, and make a to do list for each day which includes how long you’ll spend working on each task. But, be sure to accurately estimate how long things will take, as underestimating the times can just cause more stress if you aren’t finished by the time you thought you would be. So be realistic, and also give yourself some time each day to do something for yourself. Another thing to do is to clean your room and desk areas — being physically organized is important as well. Nothing is more stressful than a dirty workspace.

Watch a Movie/Show

Now, don’t let one episode turn into a full season, but giving yourself some time to sit back and not think about your work for a little bit can help you in the long run. Taking some time for yourself is always going to be the best way to relieve stress, so give yourself some time to sit and watch your favourite show before getting into the rest of your day. It’s impossible to focus on work 24/7, and even if you are trying to it’s definitely not healthy. It doesn’t need to be TV or a movie either. Sit back and read a book or catch up on some YouTube videos. The point here isn’t necessarily what you do with you time, it’s just important that you take some time for yourself.

Pamper yourself

Self care has become the new big trend. From scented candles, face masks, and bath bombs … when things get rough, give yourself some time to pamper yourself. Even if it’s just taking a long shower or putting on a face mask — balance work time with you time.

The thing about stress is that you always know what your own body needs better than anyone else. These ideas are meant to just kick start your own methods to relieve stress or even just be a part of what you do, but hopefully after reading this you have a few ideas for ways to manage your stress moving forward.

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