Whole body workout that fits a busy schedule


Oftentimes, when we cannot find the time to workout on a regular basis, we slip into bad habits of only focusing on the parts of our body we are trying to improve. For example, some people might be looking to beef up those bulging biceps whereas others might be looking to tone up their core. Regardless, it is generally accepted that we should make sure our entire body stays in shape and all our muscles get regular attention in order to maintain good health. These exercises can be done for as many reps or for as long as you want. There is a lot of freedom left for the individual to craft their own workout, as these exercises are just provided to show which parts of the body they hit. Also, the body part listed is only the primary region, as many of these exercises have peripheral target areas. So without further ado, here is a convenient workout routine that requires little equipment and short amount of time that can hit all the major muscle groups and can keep you in shape and on time.

Cardio — Jumping Jacks

This quick and easy exercise has long been a way to get your heart rate up and to start breaking a sweat for your workout. All you need is some arm and leg space. Ensure that you keep both your knees and elbows straight. Also, make sure to actually clap those hands above your head because you want to get the full benefit of this timeless exercise.

Legs — Jumping Lunges

With the heart rate already up, it is time to focus on the lower body. Similar to regular lunges, put one foot forward and bend your back knee at a 90-degree angle without touching the ground. This is your finishing position. Now, standing with one foot slightly in front of the other, jump and switch feet in mid-air, landing in a lunge position. Feel free to add weights to intensify the exercise.

Core/Biceps — Burpees

This is a squat combined with a push-up and some jumping, making it the perfect lactic-acid producing exercise. The problem with burpees is that sometimes people are not aware that they are doing it incorrectly. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Mike Donovanik provides these instructions:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, weight in your heels, and your arms at your sides.
  2. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body into a squat.
  3. Place your hands on the floor directly in front of, and just inside, your feet. Shift your weight onto them.
  4. Jump your feet back to softly land on the balls of your feet in a plank position. Your body should form a straight line from your head to heels. Be careful not to let your back sag or you butt stick up in the air, as both can keep you from effectively working your core.
  5. Jump your feet back so that they land just outside of your hands.
  6. Reach your arms over head and explosively jump up into the air.
  7. Land and immediately lower back into a squat for your next rep.

Glutes — Glute Bridges

This may not be the most flattering exercise, but it is very effective. While lying with your back on the ground and your knees bent, lift your hips into the air until a straight line forms from your knee to your head. If you are keen, try adding some resistance, like maybe a textbook, on your pelvic region to feel the burn.

Cool Down — Full-Body Stretches

We all know the importance of cooling down properly to protect your muscles, so try some of these holistic stretches. Try the cat stretch where you start on all fours and push your butt towards your heels with your arms outstretched. The abdominal stretch is also effective when lying down on your front and pushing your head and torso up attempting to almost make a 90-degree angle at your hips. Lastly, you started with a classic and can end off with a classic: touching your toes…without bending your knees.

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