Valentine’s Day horror stories


In grade school, it’s all about the chocolates from your classmates; in middle school, it’s about secret love notes to your crush; in high school, it’s who has the cutest date and post high school it’s just about who has money to even go on dates. Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating love. Whether that be for yourself, your family, your friends, or your significant other depends on who you are. It’s supposed to be a fun day where you get chocolate and presents and dedicate time to spend with loved ones. However, it’s no secret that hours of preparation and the perfect plan can all be a bit too much. Expectations run high and reality doesn’t always live up to them. This is probably why Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular break-up days of the year (also if you’re really angry, breaking up with your significant other on Valentine’s Day is just ironically cruel).

I stood myself up in front of my ex
I was moping about Valentine’s Day because my boyfriend had recently broke up with me. So when the day rolled around I was angry and sad, and when I’m emotional I often make decisions I really shouldn’t be making. I called the restaurant where he worked and made reservations. That evening I dressed up as if I was going on a date. I wanted him to see me and regret his decision to break up with me — I wanted to remind him of what he was missing. I showed up and sat down, pretending the whole time I was expecting a date. Well, sure enough, my ex was working (because he obviously didn’t have any other plans anymore). Unfortunately, he was waiting on the section of tables I had been seated in. So he shows up to my table, acts all professional and takes my order. At this point, I think he genuinely believed someone was meeting me, but as the evening went on it became painfully clear that I had either been stood up or never had a date in the first place. He does the whole routine — takes my order, brings my food, checks up on me once or twice to make sure it’s good, asks if I want dessert. By now he knows I don’t have a date, and the embarrassment became more obvious every time he came back to the table. At the end, he brought me my bill, waited for me to pay for my own Valentine’s Day meal, and wished me a good evening, never having broken the waiter script. I went home humiliated and the most upset I had been since the night he broke up with me.


Long distance doesn’t work
I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. I was studying overseas and he was home. On Valentine’s Day I decided to surprise him with a video call. I got a bit dressed up and did my makeup and then I called him. He was surprised and seemed happy to see me, since we didn’t get to talk super often for long periods of time because we were both busy and the time difference was inconvenient. We talked for a bit and just enjoyed spending some virtual time together, but then about 20 minutes in his phone started ringing, and he said he had to take it and that he would call me back when he was done. I guess he thought he had hung up the Skype call, but he hadn’t, and so I heard him answer the phone with, “Hey babe.” I became privy to all their Valentine’s Day plans, including what would happen when they got back from dinner. At first I didn’t get what was going on — it didn’t really dawn on me until about 30 seconds into the phone call that he was cheating on me, and then I got pissed. But rather than hanging up on Skype, I decided to let him make that discovery on his own. I waited for his call to end and him to come back to his computer, where I watched the realization dawn on his face that I had just heard everything he said. I told him we were over and then hung up.


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