Top 10 Netflix Picks for Valentine’s Day


Whether you’ve got that special someone, or you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to your favourite meal and your favourite chocolate, we all want a list of what we’re going to binge watch on Netflix. How will you fit all of these shows and movies into one night? Well, for those of us with midterms and assignments due on Thursday and Friday, you can catch up on whatever you didn’t get to on Wednesday when the weekend comes and there is no worry of school for the next week. Without further ado, here is the list of must-watch TV shows and movies on Netflix for Valentine’s Day.

Top 5 TV Shows


Friends is just one of those shows that you start watching and slowly reference it in most aspects of your life. From quoting Phoebe and Joey to comparing your relationship life to that of Chandler or Ross … and claiming whether you’re the “Monica roommate” or the “Rachel roommate” Friends is always a go-to show for any day of the year. For Valentine’s, whether you want comedy, romance, or being able to relate to a break-up, Friends is sure to have what you’re looking for.

How I Met Your Mother

Here’s the thing with How I Met Your Mother, you can watch any episode, and you’ll get a healthy dose of dating, marriage, breakups, and everything in between. The variety of personalities in the characters is sure to give you a good laugh no matter your relationship status. As easy of a show as it is to watch (and not a show that has to be watched chronologically), for someone who loves the romance, there’s that too — the show is about a guy telling his kids the (very long) story of how he met their mother.

Gilmore Girls

If you’ve watched the Gilmore Girls original series before, there are plenty of reasons to re-binge-watch this show. Of course, the challenging part about the show is that you can’t let your attention slide from what’s going on on screen … there is a lot of dialogue between characters.

The Office

Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute — Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert — and everything in between. The Office gives you the care-free humour and low-key romantic moments that will make your Valentine’s Day one you’ll enjoy. It’s not your go-to series for romance, but there are plenty of comical moments between characters, and the relationships (some as weird as they may be) are sure to keep you watching for hours.

Friends from College

There’s only one season so far, but the Netflix original series is heavy on the humour and romance. Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a dose of a different kind of post-college romance and dealing with life and the changes that come to friends with jobs, kids, families, and so much more.

Top 5 Movies

Just Go With It

This is one of those movies that I could re-watch any day. The comedy in this Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston film is good for a laugh no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Along with the strong storyline, the movie has a great soundtrack that is sure to resonate with anyone.

Valentine’s Day

It’s completely cliche to watch the movie Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day, but Garry Marshall’s 2010 film follows plenty of characters whose stories intertwine throughout the movie. The cast is filled with people who we’ve followed in various TV shows (Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane — both in Grey’s Anatomy), as well as other hit movies (Ashton Kutcher,

How to be Single

For all of the single people out there on Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate by watching a movie about being single? It’s humorous, because let’s face it we all need some more laughter in our life — especially if this is a holiday that gets you down.

13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo star in a movie we’ve all surely watched at some point in our life. The 2004 film shows the fairytale hopes of a junior high girl who wakes up in her life as a 30 year-old with life not the way she had planned. This movie gives you a nice balance from brand-new movies to early-2000 classics.

The Notebook

Oh yes, a Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie had to make this list without a doubt. We can all admit a good Nicholas Sparks story turned movie is a must watch around Valentine’s Day, and this one has got to make the grade for one of his best.

Honourable Mention, not on Netflix

10 Things I Hate About You

Though not on Netflix, the 1999 romantic comedy is a nice change of pace compared to the romantic comedies from this decade.

Friday Night Lights

For all you sports fans, FNL is has a little bit of everything you want in a TV show. It’s got family drama, romance, conflict, and of course a lot of football. It was a sad day to see FNL taken off the Canadian Netflix stream, but if you have access to it or are looking to spend some iTunes gift card money on a new show, give FNL a shot.

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