Tooba Fateh Muhammad – Senate Candidate Profile

Tooba Fateh Muhammad




Why have you decided to run for this position?

“Right now I’m the Student-at-Large representative and on the Brock University Student Administrative Council. So, I’ve always been really interested in the educational policy of the university, because I’ve been so closely attached with many students. Especially the first and second years. So, obviously the primary motive for any student when they come to university for their education, is their courses. So because I’ve seen some lacks in education policy and I’ve seen that something really needs to be done to get Brock, which Brock is a really high rated university across the country but to get rid of those [lacks] I have some really good ideas which I really wanted to contribute to the senate. Profs are also involved in the senate and there are full time profs available with the alumni and all, I wanted to discuss some really good ideas with the educational policy on behalf of my fellow students.”

If elected, what would you like to see the Senate accomplish?

“If elected I would like our senate to accomplish many things. The first thing is electives, because now I’m in my third year I’m taking many electives and seeing that the electives options are very limited. Especially the languages, there are not that many offered. Spanish is offered, French is offered, but so many Chinese students, so many Pakistani, so many Indian students are here. So, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, they can also be given as an elective so that students feel at home, they feel very comfortable, they feel that they are being cared for. You see, International students have increased tremendously. Brock University and the University of Toronto are the only two universities that have got most of the international students this year and in the past year. So I would really like the senate to give more elective choices because the senate is responsible for courses, facilities and stuff. So, to give more elective choices.

Secondly, the teaching assistants at Brock. Some of them are really good, some of them are trying their best to be good  but prior training should be given to TAs before they are actually given their responsibility because they are the junior of the profs. Obviously they can not match the level of the profs but at least profs should give them training or the university should give them training prior to their responsibility. One of my very close friends, she’s in the Department of Computer Science, I’ve heard from there and I went to see myself that the help desk over there which is for the TAs to be present there and additional help for the students, actually there’s no one over there most of the time. Even for some courses where the profs do not want TAs there should be some sort of additional help available for the students.

Thirdly, medical leave. Brock has done a really good move, they have given a holiday for religious obligations, which is really good. But even for a family event or something like an emergency with your family where a person needs to travel, midterms could be given later on. There should be at least some type of leniency even if it’s not in the final exam then in the midterms….Hopefully if I get elected I will contribute many more ideas as well.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is the Senate and what does it do?

“I am honest, I keep up to my words, many students at Brock know me. I have kept up with my words not only here but in my hometown as well. I have always been a social worker here also and at the Mosque I am really active. In Brock also I have done many volunteering projects. I‘ve always kept up with my words. I am responsible and I have full trust in my capabilities. Right now I am serving as a student representative at BUSAC, and all the BUSAC members know me, I try to do as much as I can and to the best of my abilities. So, whatever is in my power if given this great opportunity, this honour I would definitely keep up with my words because I am making no fake promises. I am making no promises which are out of my power and which I cannot reach. I am trying to stay in those boundaries and do whatever I can so that when I get on the board I can actually deliver what I have asked students to vote for me for.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is the Senate and what does it do?

“Senate is responsible for the educational policy, to develop, to refine the educational policy. The department chairs, the senate appoints those. It appoints the subject choices, the bursaries, the scholarships, these are all senate responsibilities. The senate contributes to all of them for the undergrad studies, the grad studies, whatever comes under the umbrella of the educational policy.”



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