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The Super Bowl

As great as the game was in terms of back-and-forth play, it was one of the most odd endings to a game that I’ve seen. With only one turnover the whole game, when it happened and how, was bizarre. The ‘greatest of all time’ wasn’t able to outplay Nick Foles and the Eagles. The play calling by Doug Pederson was one of the gutsiest we’ve seen in years, and it paid off for his team.

The halftime show, though I thought Timberlake put on a show no doubt, the audio issues mad it hard to appreciate, and it was much more a dancing performance than it was a singing one.

At the end of the game, when the Lombardi trophy was presented … I understand that the owners are going to be on the podium along with the head coach, possibly the general manager, along with players … but I don’t think that championship trophies should ever be lifted by the owner first. In hockey, the captain is the first to raise the (Stanley) cup. In college sports we often see the head coach lift the trophy first. I can understand the head coach being handed the trophy, but the owner? Did Stuart Bell raise the CFP national championship trophy first? No. (In case you don’t know who Stuart Bell is, he’s the president of the University of Alabama … but most people wouldn’t know him because, well, he didn’t raise the trophy first). Yes, ownership has a lot more to do with professional sports than a university president has to do with one of their multiple teams (that first report to athletic directors). But it cannot be forgotten that the people who win these championships are the players, and it should be a player who raises their championship trophy or banner first.


With the season finally over, the remaining teams who have yet to name a new head coach will likely do so in the next few days. Matt Patricia is expected to become the Detroit Lions head coach (or, as Chris Collinsworth told us last night on the podcast, the Detroit Pistons — look out Stan Van Gundy), while Josh McDaniels was thought to be heading to Indianapolis, though reports on Super Bowl Sunday say otherwise. While Patricia is almost surely on his way out, the Patriots are expected to hire current Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano to replace him. The Buckeyes were lucky to have had Schiano for three full seasons, as he was likely someone who could have left for another job every off-season in Columbus. If Schiano does leave to join Belichick’s staff, Ohio State will likely make Alex Grinch their defensive coordinator, especially with Kerry Coombs leaving to coach on Mike Vrabel’s Tennessee Titans staff.

Brock Sports

This past weekend, all of the Brock teams were on the road. Men’s volleyball has shocked everyone, as winners of five straight including wins over Ryerson (10-4 and first in the East division), and Queen’s (who currently hold the fourth and final playoff spot in the East division). Though they’ll have to rely on some other team’s results, the Badgers could squeeze into the fourth seed in the West division for playoffs if they were to win-out in their final three games. The Badgers are tied in points with Guelph and Waterloo (10) — while Waterloo currently holds the fourth playoff spot. Brock has played 14 games, while the Gryphons have played 13 and the Warriors have played 12. This is a huge turnaround for a team that in their first nine games (all losses) only won four sets — total.

The Badger men’s hockey team was swept this weekend, with losses to Waterloo (3-2), and Windsor (5-2), both of whom are at the bottom of the West division standings. The Badgers are now in sixth place in the West division, ahead of Lakehead and Toronto, and are tied with Laurier (29 points) who were also swept this weekend. The Badgers only have two games remaining, and if the playoffs were to begin today, would have to face off against York.

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