Last minute gifts: campus store edition


Some of you may only realize it’s Valentine’s Day on the actual day, or maybe if you’re lucky, the day before. With midterms coming up, it can be easy to forget that this holiday is fast approaching (really fast). While it’s great to give those gifts that we spend forever searching for and believe we’ve found the gift of all gifts, there just isn’t always the time for that. With the crazy winter weather and coursework building up, everyone needs that quick and easy stop shop to go to for their Valentine’s shopping that doesn’t require an extra bus trip or Uber.

Let’s take a look at some last minute campus store gifts that you can pick up on your way out of class on Tuesday (or Wednesday, if you’re really last minute).

Brock Badger gear

If your special someone is an avid sports fan, there are plenty of Badger athletic gear options, including a plethora of Nike hoodies, quarter-zips, and more. Though the Nike gear can be a bit on the pricey side, these gifts are sure to last for a long time and will let your special someone walk around wearing the Brock Badger logo proud.

Winter Badger wear

With the crazy winter we have had this year, and with how unpredictable the weather will be for the rest of the semester, it is never too late to purchase a toque or some Brock Badger mittens. A simple gift, but necessary for anyone who has to wait for a bus outside of Brock or make the walk to East Academic. Of course, the campus store is already preparing for the spring weather, and there are even Brock Badger umbrellas you can buy.

Brock clothing

As nice as that Badger Nike gear is, it can be a bit expensive. The non-Nike Brock clothing won’t take as big of a hit on your bank account, and there are plenty of great options. Quarter-zips, sweatpants, t-shirts, loungewear, even onesies. The campus store has it all.


Everyone wants some sweets on Valentine’s Day, and just as you’re checking out you can throw in your someone’s favourite chocolates with your other purchase. It’s not a huge gift or an expensive one, but remembering what your date’s favourite chocolate is can be a special enough gift.

Brock Valentine’s gifts

Quite adorable and simple, there’s the small section of Valentine’s themed gifts at the campus store, including white coffee mugs and white stuffed bears that say “Someone at Brock Loves You.” Be honest, anyone with a dog probably bought the leash and/or collar that was once sold that read “My best friend goes to Brock”—and who wouldn’t want their special someone to have a daily reminder that someone at Brock loves them? These are great gifts for anyone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, whether they go to Brock or not.

Don’t have a Valentine? That’s okay, you can stop by and get a nice gift for your mom or dad for this Valentine’s Day. After all, you’re probably the only child who can buy them any Brock themed mugs, sweatshirts, or car decals. Don’t let not having a Valentine keep you from enjoying the gift of giving. Yes, if you have a special someone they will probably love the gift you get them, but the surprise look on a parent or grandparent’s face to get a gift from someone they love will be priceless.

Whether you’re buying clothes, coffee mugs, or bears for your Valentine this week, make sure to top it off with a nice card —which you can also get from the campus store!

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