Kaileigh Montgomery – Senate Candidate Profile

Kaileigh Montgomery



Why have you decided to run for this position?

“I have always been engaged in school politics. I feel I have developed the experience, dedication and passion to represent my student body.”

If elected, what would you like to see the Senate accomplish?

“As a student, I have always desired that the relationship between students and faculty be more transparent. If elected as a member of our Senate, I hope to make it easier for students voices to be heard. I would like to see a Senate that works toward achieving the personal interests of students, by creating more transparency, focusing on their academic and fiscal well being. In particular, by attempting to reduce the financial burden of course materials by having greater access to readings online.”

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

“I have had the opportunity to experience different academic and campus environments. I have studied at Carleton University for two years, as well as a term abroad at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. In addition, I have spent time working closely with various volunteer and governmental organizations. Through those experiences I have been able to see what works and what does not work. I feel I have the energy and fresh approach that would benefit the Brock Senate, and students at large.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is the Senate and what does it do?

“To my understanding the Senate does a lot for the student body, and I hope to make their impact even stronger. The Senate is comprised of faculty and students, and they meet to speak and make decisions on educational as well as student affairs. Educational planning and fund expenditures should be important as they directly relate to the well-being of us, as students. I think a student’s role on the Senate is thus essential- as they become the voice for many concerns that the student body may have.”

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