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Ballot Blurb:


Hi Badgers, my name is Jordan, I’m a Neuroscience major, and I’m running to serve as your next VPFA. With experience on University Senate, in the Neuropsychology Cognitive Research Lab, and several years worth of work in pharmacy, I truly believe I am best equipped for the job.

My platform is simple and to the point, and I have divided it into three main components: 1) The Zone, 2) Transit, and 3) the Heath Plan. Briefly put, I want to extend the Zone hours, add more bus routes, and make mental illness treatments more accessible to students. For more details, please visit my Facebook page, or stop by and speak with me at my campaign booth. Be well, Badgers!


Candidate Interview:

  1. To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the VPFA?

“First and foremost, the Vice President, Finance and Administration serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Students’ Union. It is their responsibility to ensure the finance well-being of the corporation and to forge new streams of revenue in order to continuously better the student experience. In addition, the VPFA oversees the Health and Dental Plan as well as Transit. Lastly, but certainly not least, the VPFA is part of the BUSU Executives Team and should always be open to helping towards reaching the overarching goal.”

  1. Why have you decided to run for the position of VPFA?

“I chose to run for this position in particular because I feel that this is where my personal attributes can be best utilized. I also believe that my Neuroscience roots allow me to examine and consider things from a fresh and unique perspective.  As anyone from a science background can confirm, we are always searching for tangible evidence that is statistically significant, because that’s how we prove and communicate our findings. Coincidentally, the world off finance is not much different. As the saying goes; numbers don’t lie.”

  1. Why do you believe you should be elected VPFA?

“I truly believe I am best equipped for the job because of the experience I have acquired, both on and off campus. To begin, I had the opportunity to hold a seat on the university Senate this year and I was able to witness firsthand the steps and procedures involved in bringing about change.  Secondly, I have spent the last four years working in pharmacy and serving on the frontline of healthcare. Between interacting with patients and doctors, and learning about the various medications and how they are used. I don’t believe there is anyone on campus that is more qualified to oversee the Health and Dental plan. Lastly, I genuinely care about this institution. I am so proud to say I am a Badger and I want to do everything in my power to leave it in better condition than when I found it.”

  1. If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

“My platform is very specific, to-the-point, and most importantly, it was constructed to immediately improve the lives of students. I have subdivided it into three main points below:

  1. Transit: It is essential we reinstate the Winterberry [bus] route, period. Students are walking incredible distances in this Canadian cold and it is not acceptable. With the addition dollars granted from the October’s referendum, I would also like to increase the overall number of routes and the frequency at which they run. Secondly concerning transit, I would like to reinstate the Spring/Summer Subsidy Program. As the U-Pass is only valid from September to April, students who take courses during the spring and summer sessions are forced to purchase their pass directly from the transit company. The Subsidy Program will offer students $50 toward the purchase of their Spring/Summer bus pass.
  2. The Zone: To say that The Zone is over-crowded is an understatement. I plan to add an additional 12 hours of operation per week. In fact, I have already met with Neil Lumsden, Director of Brock Sports, and I am very proud to say that the wheels are already in motion.
  3. Health Plan: The cost of an eye exam in Ontario is upwards of $80 + tax. Currently we only offer students $100 in coverage. Needless to say, $20 will not buy you new glasses or contacts. An additional $100, however, would make a difference. By increasing vision coverage to $200, students won’t be forced to choose between vision or nutrition.

In terms of mental health resources, the health plan only covers psychologists, counsellors and social workers. Although, none of the above can prescribe medication. With that being said, should a student require any sort of pharmaceutical aid, they would have to make a separate appoint to see a physician and receive a separate diagnosis. The solution to this problem is to simply adding psychiatrists, who are licensed to prescribe, to that same bracket.

5. If elected what would you do differently from past VPFA’s?

“If granted the honour to serve as the next VPFA, I would like to be as open and accessible to students as possible. All clout and glamor aside, the executive team is elected to do one thing, and that is to work with and for the students. And not to say that previous VPFAs have not done so, in fact, we have had some brilliant individuals hold that office in the past few years, but I would like to personally put an increased emphasis on really being their, the students’, VPFA.”

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