Happy Valentines Day from The Brock Press


Love is in the air, or for some people, February 15 will mark the day chocolate goes on sale. No matter if you are single, in a relationship or it’s complicated, you won’t be able to escape Valentine’s Day, as the February 14 holiday is everywhere.

The Brock Press isn’t helping either as we present to you our annual Valentine’s Day publication. Before reading any further, we want to remind everyone about consent – you’ll read more about it on page four – however, on behalf of the staff I want to remind our readers to keep consent in mind when reading every article.

Valentine’s Day is meant for expressing love towards your significant other, but it can also be a time to express that love towards friends and family. Sure we shouldn’t only show love for just one day, but on this flower-giving time, many find a reason to redefine their love for someone.

Couples plan a day, or more specifically a night, to spend together — usually this means a romantic dinner. This day can become intimate and couples are able to spice up their love life.

For the people that are single on this Valentine’s Day, it’s still a day to celebrate. A day to love yourself and treat yourself. One doesn’t have to be in a relationship to find love. How you spread the love individually or to your friends can mean more than loving one individual person.

In this issue of The Brock Press — our Love & Lust publication — our editors bring to light many Valentine’s Day topics. We include all different types of love someone can find and we even focus on individuals who prefer to spend their Valentine’s Day alone.

This day can be tough for some people as they must spend it alone, not because they’re single, but rather their significant other is miles away. A Valentine’s Day spent over a video chat date is their only way to connect.

Sadly some spend this day alone after having their heart broken in the past and having no love towards such an intimate day. We here at The Brock Press have not forgotten about you. You don’t need a significant other on Valentine’s Day, as there’s so much more you can do.

Don’t forget about our Love & Lust survey we sent out last week. We release the results and the truth about Brock students. How many Badgers are in a relationship? How many are using social apps like Tinder? How good are Brock students at flirting? What turns Badgers on and off? All that is answered in our survey results.

Don’t get us wrong. We are no experts when it comes to love, specifically me and The Brock Press staff will be the first to tell you that?

There’s no doubt we’ll miss topics you think are relevant or important, but if you’re doing all your love and lust research from these very pages, well, you might just be in a world of trouble.

We’ll be back to our weekly news publication on February 27, but for now, enjoy our Love & Lust edition. We are doing our part to keep our readers entertained and this is just one of our many ways. We hope you enjoy our attempt at explaining love and lust.

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