Five Dos and Don’ts of finding the right person


1. Look for someone who wants to get to know you: It is important for there to be mutual interest. You want to date someone who asks questions about you, even after you have been dating for a while. Look for someone who keeps wanting to learn more about you.

2. Look for someone who is supportive: Look for someone who supports you when you try new things, who is there for you in tough times and who helps you feel better when you are down.

3. Look for someone who pushes you: Our comfort zones are great, but if we ever want to advance as people we need to get out of them. This can be really scary to do on our own, so it’s beneficial if you have someone who knows where you want to go and pushes you in that direction.

4. Find someone who makes you laugh: As cliché as it sounds, laughter really is the best medicine. I think it is incredibly important to have someone you can laugh with.
Find someone you can be silly and goofy with and be your most-genuine self with.

5. Find someone who is adventurous: Relationships can be especially enjoyable if as a couple you try new things together. This can be anything: a new restaurant or maybe a new game.



1. Settle: You never want to settle for less than you think you deserve. I am a firm believer that there is someone out there for everyone, so do not settle.

2. Go for someone based on physical attractiveness alone: While it is important to be attracted to the person you date, try not to judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the most interesting books are the ones you are not instantly tempted to open.

3. Date someone you have to give u everything for: Compromise is key, but do not date someone you have to sacrifice everything that is important to you for.

4. Compromise your morals to date someone: If you are not comfortable doing something, then do not do it. All that will end up happening if you do it is that you will feel guilty. If you are with the right person they will understand that you do not want to do it and be okay with it.

5. Date someone who only talks about themselves: It should always be a conversation, not one person talking and the other person listening. Make sure that the person you are dating wants to hear about your day and is not always only talking about themselves.

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