Editorial: Hyundai wins worst Super Bowl Commercial


As a sports fan, the commercials and halftime show of Sunday’s Super Bowl were more appealing to me than the game itself. Mostly because I have a passionate hate for the two participating teams, however, this hate allowed me to analyze the Super Bowl within a different lens.

Now, Justin Timberlake’s performance sucked. The NFL would’ve been better off just having fans dance to Timberlake songs, since he didn’t really sing anything.

However, my focus here is the commercials. Something many people look forward too, it seems the cheapest costing commercial won the night. The NFL’s commercial featuring Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., and other New York Giant players won with its humour and one that grabbed my attention.

Then there’s the Hyundai commercial, which caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. It was capitalism at its worse. Hyundai basically said that purchasing one of their vehicles will lead to the company donating money towards childhood cancer research. To increase their car sales, Hyundai is using childhood cancer against the consumer.

I’m all for raising awareness and proceeds for a good cause, but not at the point where a company has to use their own ability to make profit at the forefront.

Compare this to Bell Let’s Talk. Bell gets great publicity for the cause, however, there’s no guarantee they will benefit from the cause through its own revenue. Bell might actually lose more money with how much they donate from the initiative.

In Hyundai’s case, they’re using a cause to make their sales go up. Making the consumer think while they buy a Hyundai, they’re helping a cause — which they are, but only to then also allow Hyundai to profit.

Businesses will receive better publicity and a cause will receive positive feedback and impact through something like Bell Let’s Talk, then whatever the heck Hyundai is trying.

Hyundai’s commercial frustrated me and had me on a rant for a bit of the game. I would rather just donate to childhood cancer research than buy a Hyundai at this rate.

Combining a good cause with your own personal or business gain is wrong and it is unfortunate that Hyundai went down this road. Hyundai needs to backtrack here and maybe find a better solution to raising money. Making the world a better place shouldn’t involve a person’s own ability to profit or a business. It should be about raising awareness itself.

Bell Let’s Talk has done its part — it has raised money and continued the conversation on mental health. I’m left baffled at what Hyundai is trying here and hopefully they right this wrong.

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