Did You Know: 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on campus


After reading this article, I hope all of the residence students have more confidence that they can make their Valentine’s Day much more special for their significant other. We here at The Brock Press understand that these  halls at Brock University do not immediately scream love and affection, but there are some ways and spots to turn our campus into your romantic destination. So without further ado, here are five “gorgeous” ways to have a memorable and affectionate Valentine’s Day while living in residence:

  1. Your Own Room

Instead of going out and finding that lover’s paradise, why not just stay in and transform the space you already pay way too much for into the destination of your dreams. Just take the bus over to the Pen Centre and you can find sweets, flowers and decorations in abundance to go as far as you want in changing your landscape. For those of you who have pesky roommates, maybe “treat” them to a dinner or encourage them to check out the James Gibson library for the night and give them a wink while doing so. I’m sure your friends will understand and if all else fails, placing a trusty sock on the door will do it.

  1. Go Outside

While the last thing you might want to do is leave the warmth of your dorm, a winter wonderland can be such a romantic setting. Not many people will have the guts to get out there, so you can expect to have privacy and seclusion in an intimate setting. One of the best parts of Brock’s campus is the natural wonders that we are surrounded by. Go take a hike down by Alfie’s Trough or go behind Quarry View and check out the Bruce Trail. Better yet, go frolic around Jubilee Court in the snow with your special someone and have a snowball fight or even build a snowman. If all else fails, you can always go check out the Brock Bullet.

  1. Guernsey Market

This one is going to be a stretch, but let’s go with it. Everyone wants to have that romantic dinner on Feb.14 with their boo, so save some money and put it on the meal plan in the good old Guernsey Market. Take a twirl around the burrito and stir-fry station or stroll down by the grill. Then when you emerge from the market, you can have your very own table with your honey, and if you are looking for an intimate setting with some privacy, check out the high tables behind the stairs.

  1. Explore Campus Together

For the more adventurous couples out there, this activity can be an exciting date and a great way to get to know your partner and your school better. I am sure that there must be some parts of campus that you both have yet to see, and one of you can take the lead and tour the other person around. Maybe make your way up the tower and check out the incredible views. There is the beautiful Cairns Complex or Plaza lounges for both of you to relax. Better yet, challenge each other to pick out some places that are private enough (enough is a relative term) for both of you to enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Go Downtown

If you are super insistent that Valentine’s Day cannot be special here on campus, then you have a bounty of options just one bus ride away. You already pay for your bus pass, so instead of complaining about how much residence sucks, get up and go check out some great places downtown for a night out with your date. There are a plethora of places to eat and different cuisines to try, and if you are looking for more than just food, you can check out some cabaret places that might have a singer, a comedian, or some other type of variety act or entertainment. I would also be amiss if I forgot to include the classic dinner and a movie, because who doesn’t love those two secluded seats on the side hidden in the dark?

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