Did You Know: 5 fun winter activities to keep fit


The winter season can be a grind and we all have those days when all want to do is curl up in bed and pig out on our comfort foods while binge watching some good old Netflix. The last thing we want to do is drag our lazy selves out of hibernation and head down to the gym to get a workout in. However, in the winter, we are afforded with some great opportunities to stay in shape while taking advantage of the things we can do only in winter. Call up your friends and check out these five fun winter activities to keep fit.

  1. Tobogganing

I had to put tobogganing first on the list because how could anyone dislike reliving their childhood as they speed down a snow hill without a care in the world? It’s up to you if you want to go get a real sled from the store or improvise and find anything to put yourself on and launch yourself downwards. The real workout kicks in once your ride is over and you realize that you are not at Blue Mountain and cannot take the ski lift. Walking in snow is much more tasking than it seems, especially when it is higher. Get prepared for a strong cardio workout and for your legs to be burning afterwards!

  1. Skiing/Snowboarding

Speaking of Blue Mountain, these winter sports are such a blast and can be done by anybody. There are countless ski hills within reasonable distance and we are so lucky, as tourists travel across oceans to reap the natural wonders that Canada has to offer. While downhill skiing and snowboarding are by far the most popular version of this activity, cross-country skiing is often forgotten about. Downhill will certainly strengthen your core and give your leg muscles a toning, but cross-country skiing will work your entire body, improve your endurance, and give you the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle while just enjoying nature.

  1. Snowball Fight

Here is an unorthodox activity to get you out there into the snow and to get that heart rate pumping. Trying to run, dodge, and throw in the consistency of snow is sure to activate almost every muscle in your body. You can use this activity as a way to settle some scores with your enemies or to earn bragging rights with your friends. Tired of the traditional snowball fight? Try adapting a classic game to make it more fun, such as Capture the Flag. Instead of someone having to go back to their side when you touch them, make it so that they have to be hit with a snowball!

  1. Ice Skating

Need that romantic winter date idea? Want something to do with your friends that will get some laughs and is a great way to spend some time together? Ice skating is one of the easiest activities to participate in because of the vast number of rinks that are around us. A lot of these places also have affordable skate rental facilities if you are lacking your own pair of blades. Get ready for some sore legs and a core workout though, especially if you are a beginner!

  1. Winter Flag Football

Flag football in general is such a great sport to play but playing it in the snow makes it even better. Though Brock’s outdoor flag football tournament has passed, flag football is now available as an intramural sport, I implore you to step out of your comfort zone and check this one out. This activity is great for that group of guys who miss the summer months where they can get out on the field and just let loose, so don’t let the winter blues get you down!

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