BUSU Executive Elections: Referendums pass and Hibma named next President

VPFA candidates go face-to-face in second debate / Satbir Singh

VPFA candidates go face-to-face in second debate / Satbir Singh

The 2018 Brock University Students’ Union February executive elections had heated debates and thousands of student dollars on the line.

Between the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) going to referendum to potentially lose their $1.50 per credit funding and the Student Justice Centre (SJC) getting a possible $3.96 increase per credit, students at Brock needed to vote so all opinions and voices were heard.

Previous elections have seen record voter turnouts amongst the student body with 32.3 per cent voting in last years executive elections and a recent high of 33.2 per cent voting in October’s bi-elections.

A new record was met for this year’s elections as 33.3 per cent of the student body voted.

Valentina Castano and Rafay Rehan both were elected for the Board of Director positions. Castano received 89.1 per cent and Rehan had 87.5 per cent in favour.

David Stark, who sat on BUSAC Senate this past year, was re-elected with 39.6 per cent of the votes. Kaileigh Montgomery came second with 34.3 per cent and Tooba Fateh Muhammad had 26.1 per cent in favour.

SJC won their referendum with 54.9 per cent of voters voting for the $3.96 increase. However, with 74.8 per cent voters saying yes, OPIRG will lose its $1.50 per credit funding.

The following will be the 2018-2019 BUSU Executive team:

Vice President, Student Services: Joyce Khouzam with 65.2 per cent

Vice President, Finance and Administration: Bilal Khan with 34.7 per cent

Vice Preisdent, External Affairs: Peter Henen with 50.6 per cent

President: Aidan Hibma with 36.6 per cent

The closest race in the executive elections was the VPEA. Henen beat out Ja’miil Millar by only 1.2 per cent.

The VPFA position had four candidates and multiple heated debates. Khan went face-to-face with Mel Gencer in all the debates, but Gencer only received 11.7 per cent in votes. Georgie Gagnon finished third with 22.1 per cent and Jordan Albanese, running for a second time, got 31.5 per cent.

In the VPSS race, Curtis Rohl received 34.8 per cent, but was beaten out by Khouzam.

The BUSU President race was one of the most talked about races and there was never a clear-cut winner throughout the campaign period. However, Himba, the current VPFA saw solid support in the votes. Nadia Bathis, the current VPEA, finished second with 33.9 per cent and Alston Mahendran got 29.5 per cent.

More on the elections will be posted to brockpress.com and in our next publication, with quotes from the new executive team.

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