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Ballot Blurb:

Hey Badgers, My name is Aidan Hibma and I currently serve as your Vice-President, Finance & Administration. It would be an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to represent the undergraduate population as your President. This is my 4th time running in an executive election which I believe is a testament to my love and dedication to BUSU and the students it represents. I have continued to work diligently over the years as your Vice-Chair to the Board of Directors, serving this year as your VPFA, which will ensure a smooth transition to President. As VPFA I have spent a majority of the year working within Brock University, to enhance the services both BUSU and Brock offers.

I have already developed relationships with all of the university’s key stakeholders, which has allowed me the ability to begin the process of community my platform points to the various senior administrators on campus. In turn, this will ensure my platform points are achieved in a timely manner. I have always viewed myself as a leader and I truly believe that these past few years with BUSU have ensure I have the practical experience needed to lead the entire organization in a responsible manner. This leads me to believe that based on my degree of expertise in correlation with my platform I believe I will be the best candidate to serve as the next President of BUSU. I promise I will never stop fighting for those who I have so much to thank for, the students of Brock University. To learn more about my platform check out or feel free to contact on Facebook, or Instagram both at Aidan Hibma.

Candidate Interview:

  1. To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the President?

“The responsibilities of the President of BUSU are diverse, and all can be seen on Bylaw 200, however I believe the most important role and responsibility is directly correlated to leadership. This entails one’s ability to set the direction of the organization, and at times this can require the President to make extremely difficult decisions. Having prior experience is essential as the decisions made by the President can potentially impact the lives of thousands of Badgers, not only today but for years to come. Leadership also exemplifies the productivity of the rest of the team. A strong leader will act to motivate, encourage, mentor, provide constructive criticism, ensure the team has the needed resources to achieve their platform points, and act as a primary support piece for every member of the BUSU team! But most importantly a Presidential leader is an ultimately a student who can make the decisions that are in the best interest of every Badger.”

  1. Why have you decided to run for the position of President?

“Why I decided to run is directly correlated to my passion for this organization, as this is my 4th time running in a BUSU executive election. Last year I had the privilege to serve as the vice-chair to the board of directors, which helped me learn about making decisions that will impact the organizational structure of BUSU as a whole. Currently I sit as the Vice-President, Finance & Administration which has not only given me the opportunity to bring many of my ideas to fruition! In combination with my experience and seeing how much of a positive impact I’ve been able to have in such a short time the final piece of the puzzle was the encouragement from my peers and mentors to run. So, for me it really comes down to my dedication, passion, the support that so many badgers have expressed to me and the creation of a platform that will ensure a better experience for every Badger today and for every hopeful Badger.”

  1. Why do you believe you should be elected President?

“I believe I should be elected President because I am both a well-rounded and experienced candidate. I’ve spent a majority of my efforts over the last eight months internally to the Brock region. This has given me the opportunity to build a close relationship not only with the Badgers that fill our halls, but also with all of our administrators. Strong relationships with a diverse range of internal stakeholders act as a vital resource for ensuring the rest of the team has the contacts needed to achieve their goals. Furthermore, due to my time spent advocating on behalf of the students at Queen’s Park I understand why we need to continue to fight to make sure our voices are heard by all levels of government.  But most importantly, at the core of it I am a student, one who understands the amount of time WE put in day in and day out. If given the opportunity I will work that much harder than anyone else to make sure OUR voice is heard.”

  1. If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

“In all honesty I can’t summarize my platform into three main points, and would advise every student to go and check out to learn about my entire platform. In this instance I will address three of my platform points that I believe need to be tackled in the near future, and how I will complete each of the platform points.

  1. I will ensure we replace all of the current water fountains on all of the library floors with more efficient water bottle refill stations. I will work in consultation with facilities management to install these systems and use our Green Levy fee to cover the costs associated with the merchandise.
  2. I would like to work with our Student Justice Centre to introduce “IT’S ON US” which is a social movement created by the Obama Administration and the White House Council on Women and Girls. Its objective is to raise awareness and to fight against sexual assault on post-secondary campuses for both men and women. Not only would it be ground breaking as BUSU would be one of if not the only university in the province to adapted ITS ON US, but I will ensure that this campaign will transcend into bystander intervention training for all of our front line staff and security at Isaacs. It is crucial that our staff know what signs to look for if someone is overtly intoxicated so they can ensure no one is being taken advantage of and they know how to defuse situations that potentially could lead to a sexual harassment and/or assault.
  3. Transit is a priority that encompasses all of our Badgers whether they drive or take public transit. If elected as President I will ensure BUSU is doing its part to represent both demographics. A) I will work with the internal staff of Thorold and our administration to bring a Thorold voting station to Brock, so our students can vote in the next city council election. This is the best mechanism to create the political leverage needed to ensure our voice is heard at the municipal level and the councillors of Thorold see the importance of returning the Winterberry bus route. B) I am working alongside to ancillary services to introduce “No Charge Parking Times”. The goal is to offer no charge parking after 6:00pm on week days, weekends and all spring and summer. I will also advocate to ensure our parking passes remain at a low cost relative to our region and are both comparable at other universities.

5. If elected what would you do differently from past President’s?

“If elected as President something I believe I would do differently than previous President’s is directly correlated to my platform point, referencing my “grad send-off gift”. This is because it will continue to give back to the students long after I am gone. It seeks to create a 10 year agreement between Brock University and BUSU that will raise $100,000 through my funding model every two years. Departments will enter into a lottery system in the hopes of winning the funding. Whichever department wins the grad send-off lottery will have two years to engage with faculty and students to see what they would like to $100k to be spent on. Whatever they choose to spend it on must be directly correlated to the enhancement of the quality of education offered. Currently I am working with the department of Applied Health Science to help introduce an anatomy table, which would make us the first university in the country to offer this resource to undergraduates, and it will dramatically improve the quality of experiential learning for all Badgers in Applied Health Science. Check it out here

  1. Having been the VPFA for a year, what advantages do you believe you have from your experience?

“Having the privilege to serve the students as their VPFA has given me a diverse amount of experience both internally and externally. However my expertise derives from the internal workings of BUSU and Brock. One advantage I possess over the other candidates is directly correlated to my experience working alongside both the Senate and our Board of Trustees. There have been numerous occasions where I have been given the opportunity to work with both bodies of our university.  This has given me an in depth look into the inner workings of the organization and what their vision for Brock University is in the coming years.  As a result I have been able to create a plan to achieve my platform points that complements the direction Brock is moving towards. My vision not only enhances the quality of education offered but also engages with our Badgers! To learn more please visit


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