A quick headcount of the Avengers, before Infinity War


Marvel’s next big film is Avengers: Infinity War , which means it’s time to take a brief head count and see where our favourite Marvel heroes are before the day of reckoning. There are many spoilers ahead for any already released Marvel cinematic universe movies, including Black Panther.

The Avengers

Tony Stark is currently in or around Avengers HQ. He was last seen in Spiderman Homecoming there and has recently proposed to Pepper. He is in fighting condition, but it should be noted that his team has drastically diminished.

James Rhodes is also currently in or around Avengers HQ. He suffered a spinal injury in Captain America: Civil War at the hands of Vision. He is shown to be recovering at the end of the same film and walking again with support from a device made by Stark. He is set to return in Infinity War.

Vision is currently in or around Avengers HQ. It is unclear what Vision’s mental status is like. He was distracted by an attraction to Scarlett Witch that he didn’t know he could have and missed his shot, disabling Rhodes in Civil War. He also contains one of the Infinity Stones in his forehead, the Mind Stone. These stones are teased to be a central part of the story in some of the Infinity War trailers released so far.

Black Widow is currently MIA. After her and Stark insult each other towards the rear-end of Civil War, Natasha Romanoff isn’t seen again. We see in the trailer for Infinity War that she is with Captain America in Wakanda, so it seems that she may have jumped ship to join Cap.

Peter Parker appears to be continuing his high school life, minding his own business after rejecting an offer to join the Avengers. We see him on a school bus, perhaps the first to notice anything as his spidey-sense raises all the hair on his arms and he looks out towards the monolithic ring in New York City.

Team Cap

After the events of Civil War, Cap fled from the world government and released his friends who were locked up in the RAFT prison. It seems from what we’ve seen of him that he has been acting in the shadows. Not much is currently known of where he is or what he’s doing, but in Spiderman Homecoming a gym teacher confirms that he is a wanted criminal as far as the U.S. government is concerned.

Scarlett Witch is an interesting figure for this film. She is one of the many RAFT prisoners released by Cap, but her location is somewhat unknown for Infinity War. We’ve seen her with what looks to be Black Widow, Cap and Vision, but it could be some tricky editing. Regardless, it seems Team Cap is trying to hide Vision’s Mind Stone from the rest of the world.

Falcon seems to have also joined up with Cap as he is in the background of most of the combat in Wakanda along with Black Widow, Black Panther and Rhodes.

Ant-Man may be lurking in a single pixel somewhere in the frames of the Infinity War trailer, but so far he has been MIA after getting out of the RAFT prison. It is interesting to note that Ant Man and the Wasp comes out after Infinity War, but takes place before the massive event.


T’Challa has fully assumed the title of Black Panther and king of Wakanda after the events of Black Panther. He is seen in the trailer mounting a defensive effort in order to repel an alien horde that Thanos has no doubt sent to Wakanda. The question here is ‘why?’ At the end of his solo debut, T’Challa is seen opening the borders of Wakanda and offering international support to those who need it. This may mean that Team Cap has brought a stone to Wakanda for defense, or even Vision himself. A lot remains unseen thus far.

Thor, Loki, Hulk and Valkyrie are all seen when Thanos’ ship appears next to theirs dwarfing it. This may spell out doom for some of these characters, specifically Valkyrie who is not seen in the trailer at all, or Loki. Loki’s arc has all but wrapped up and the anti-villain is seen offering the Tesseract to someone much taller than himself among a smattering of dead Asgardians. This may be Thanos’ first kill in the film. Thor and Hulk are seen later on in the film, the former aboard the Milano with some old friends of ours and the latter in Wakanda. Notably we also see Bruce in a pose very reminiscent to the original Avengers. Fallen through a building’s roof and now returned to being Bruce Banner.

Doctor Strange is seen with Bruce in the New York City Sanctum Sanctorum. It appears this is happening in unison with the attack on New York City that Parker is seeing. Notably we also see Tony Stark present in the Sanctum.

Hawkeye is nowhere to be seen or heard in the Infinity War trailer. This is notable for one specific reason. At the beginning of the trailer we have a quote originally from Nick Fury that the rest of the original Avengers chime in on. Except for Hawkeye. In his stead, Vision speaks. This could be a note of things to come as the archer has not been revealed for the film so far. He may die, not turn up or even quit the team to be with his family.

Bucky, or the Winter Soldier is seen both in the trailer and in Black Panther to still be in Wakanda. He was dropped off by Cap in Civil War and has not returned since. It seems, however, that Shuri has cured him of his trigger word programming.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are also making their way to Thanos with Thor in tow. It seems when Thanos defeated both Hulk and Thor they were sent in opposite directions, one to Earth and another to deep space. The Guardians have the most personal connections to Thanos than anyone else previously discussed as Gamora is his daughter and Drax lost his wife and daughter at his hands. They appear to be heading to the main conflict with the mad titan.

And that’s everyone. There are a lot of players and pieces in the film, so a quick cheat sheet may be helpful for those who are simply watching the movies as they are released. As of this publication there are only 66 days remaining until the film’s release that has been building for nearly a decade now. One thing’s for certain, it will be a spectacle like no other.

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