What should Brock students expect from the weather during the first week back?


Environment Canada issued an extreme cold warning for the Niagara region on Thursday morning.

The warning states that temperatures will fall to lows near minus 20 degrees Celsius. However, with the winds coming from the northwest at about 50 kilometres per hour, temperatures will be closer to minus 30 on Thursday night.

The extreme cold is expected to continue into Saturday morning. Environment Canada warns the public to cover up and dress warm, as frostbite can develop to exposed skin in minutes.

St. Catharines and the region of Niagara have been experiencing low temperatures for a couple weeks, and with Brock University students from out-of-town making their return this weekend for the winter semester beginning January 8, students shouldn’t worry about the cold.

The temperature is expected to climb on Sunday to minus five and even reach the positives on Monday. The Weather Network is estimating some snowfall for the first week of the new semester: close to one centimetre on Jan. 7, one to three centimetres on Jan. 8, about one centimetre on Jan. 10, five to 10 centimetres on Jan. 11 and one to three on Jan. 12.

The temperature next week is expected to hover around the historical average from the last 30 years.

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