VISA 3M90 display art for the public at the Marilyn I. Walker


Third and fourth year visual art students at Brock University had the opportunity to show off their art pieces on Wednesday niInvasiveII.Jan18.CCght at the Marilyn I. Walker. The event was held in coordination with the Advanced Art Practices course.

Students in VISA 3M90 – the course code for the course – were challenged to think outside the box for this project. Their instructor, Donna Akrey, asked the students to think about the unique space of the Marilyn I. Walker building as more than white walls; she challenged her students to create art for a specific space.

The results were a unique set of pieces focused on themes such as information, architecture, the archive, regionality, subjectivity and objectivity, death, resilience, ecology, mental health, space, the institution, invasive and symbiotic species and site-specific art. Together, along with the setting of the building, they create the Invasive Species Exhibition.

Akrey was pleased and impressed with how her students rose to the challenge she proposed. Several of the students were excited about their accomplishments and feel they have grown as artists in the process of creating these pieces.

The exhibit was open to the public. Maps were provided to the visitors in order to guide them through the exhibit and help them spot all of the art pieces, some more hidden than others.

This exhibit was a trial run for the students’ final project in April, when they will create art to fit into a specific environment in downtown St. Catharines.

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