Thorold changes bus routes & St. David’s cleared of construction


New year and new commuting news for the Brock community.

The year 2017 was filled with the Brock University Students’ Union and students trying to figure out how to solve a failed transit referendum – which later passed after a second vote in October. The new year kicks off with changes to the transit system once again.

BUSU announced Friday evening that Thorold City Council had officially removed the 331/431 Winterberry Route. This bus line went down Winterberry Blvd. to Brock University, and was easily accessible for students living in the Thorold area.

However, non-Brock students and residents of the area were complaining that the route was dangerous and should be removed from the road. This was only one of many issues Brock students and Thorold residents have butted heads on over the last year.

BUSU did announce that the 331/431 would continue under the name Brock-Richmond, but this route would not go down Winterberry, which means students in the area should find out where their closest bus stop will be before the new semester begins on January 8.

The students’ union also announced a new route for the winter semester. The Brock-Towpath Evening Shuttle (328) will run on Monday to Thursday after 6:30 p.m.

The referendum has also brought on a new stop for Brock students taking the 50/55 bus that connects Niagara Falls and Brock. The stop will be made on Pine Street South in Thorold before it reaches the university. This new stop gives ‘direct access’ to students living in the Queen Street, Richmond Street, Elgin Street and Rose Avenue area, according to BUSU.

More on the route changes and additions can be found directly on BUSU’s website through this link:

Changes to the buses isn’t the only thing coming to Brock in 2018. People travelling down St. David’s Road or getting off Highway 406, will see less construction.

The city of St. Catharines began a three-year project to overhaul the interchange back in June, but have concluded operations for the winter season. Construction is expected to start-up once the warmer weather returns in Spring.

The new northbound ramp from Highway 406 to St. David’s East and West opened just before Christmas, so commuters who had to change their daily routine can go back to the regular drive.

The $29.1 million project is set to be concluded in 2020.

Students with questions regarding transit should go directly to this BUSU link:

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