Ranking the best Brock Badgers jerseys


In all iconic sports moments, or sport paragons whose names will never fade, the one common thread is what they are wearing. We all can recall the classic blue-and-white sweater, purple-and-gold armless, or even the yellow jersey with blue shorts. These legendary shirts will hang from closets galore, be framed on walls alike and be worn at countless games. In our little microcosm of the sporting world here at Brock, our various teams have tried to put their own unique touch on the Badger colours and logo. The results have been mixed and this article aims to highlight some of the best. The first on the list is directly associated with Brock, has been largely popular since introduction and will forever live on in our hearts. Then to round out the remaining four spots in the top five, surprisingly we only have two different sports and three different teams. These teams really know how to design a jersey. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the best Brock Badgers jerseys around:

  1. Men’s Basketball Whites (pre-2018)

Elegant. Classic. Suave. These are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when one first takes a look at this jersey.  While it is a definite rip-off of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Christmas Day themed jerseys, I have to say that Brock has asserted that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The predominant red-and-white pay homage to our great country while the blue trim gives it that needed Badger flair. Personally, I will miss these jerseys as Brock just unveiled brand new jerseys for the men’s basketball team.

  1. Men’s Soccer Reds

I wanted to put these jerseys at the top so badly, but ultimately the classic look won out over modern design. The contemporary fade of a red-blue colour palette on the front of the jerseys combined with a sleek front number font would give anyone wearing such a lustrous design an extra pep in their step. The way the fade of colour forms a triangular shape to highlight the jersey number adds that extra eye-catching pop.

  1. Women’s Rugby Whites

The first women’s jersey makes an appearance on this list third with the rugby team’s impeccable use of Brock colours. At first glance, these jerseys don’t stand out as stylish, but I love how the team has incorporated the blue and red on the sides and underarms of the jersey. The interlocking blue-and-red stripes that flow along the contours of the body compliment the white front brilliantly, with the final black dashes acting as a magnificent accent to complete the entire package.

  1. Men’s Soccer Alternate Whites

It is a shame that the men’s soccer team does not wear these jerseys more often, but who can blame them with a primary design as nice as the one they sport normally? Similar to the Toronto Football Club’s alternate white jerseys, which pay tribute to the 1976 North American Soccer League Champions Toronto Metros-Croatia, they are primarily white with a red stripe across the front and sleeves. The section system of colour pattern plays in well with the block numbering on the back of the jersey that bodes well in soccer where the field spans a great distance. Personally, the jersey reminds me of a hypothetical jersey the team would wear if they played in a National Hockey League Winter Classic.

  1. Men’s Rugby Reds

I like the men’s rugby jerseys for the same reason that I appreciate the women’s rugby jerseys. The team takes a solid colour on the front and incorporates an innovative design in a unique location (on the sides) to make the jerseys pop. The black-and-white streaks draw comparisons to the ferocious badger that the rugby team wants to portray, and contrasts the bright red to give ease to the eyes. In all, a solid jersey that any team member should be proud to wear for their school.

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