Nomination Packages become available this week for February’s elections

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It may only be January, but planning for the 2018-2019 school year has begun. BUSU’s annual February executive elections are around the corner and you could have a chance to make a positive impact for the student body.

“It’s been an amazing and unique opportunity to be on the executive team and by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Maddy Wassink, this years Vice President, Student Services for Brock University Students’ Union.

The voting period for this year’s elections don’t take place until February 13-15, and campaigning for candidates will begin on Feb. 5. If you are thinking about running for one of the top executive positions or someone you know is a deserving candidate, January 12 is a date you will want to remember.

Nomination packages become available on Jan. 12 at the BUSU office.

Positions that will be voted on are the four executive positions: President, Vice-President, Finance and Administration, Vice-President, Student Services and Vice-President, External Affairs. Other positions include: two one-year Board of Director positions and two two-year Board of Director positions, a BUSAC Faculty of Education and a Senate position.

Below are the descriptions for the four executive positions for BUSU:

President: Oversees the entire students’ union and its operation. The president is involved on nearly everything that happens at BUSU.

Vice-President, Student Services: Oversees the planning and execution of major events throughout the year including O-Week, Frost Week, Wellness Week and many others. Oversees the management of the 100-plus student clubs on campus. Essentially, their main focus is to make your time at Brock as memorable as possible.

Vice-President, Finance & Administration: Act as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for BUSU and provide oversight to the Health and Dental Plan as well as the Universal Bus Pass. Handles the internal affairs on campus and sit as a member of the University Senate, which is responsible for establishing and maintaining such faculties, schools, institutes, departments, chairs and courses.

Vice-President, External Affairs: Represents the student voice on all levels of government through advocacy and lobbying efforts. More specifically, there is divided between working with provincial and federal advocacy groups, like the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, in conjunction with fostering relationships with local politicians and community stakeholders.

BUSU’s February executive elections have seen a decline in student candidates running for positions, but voter turnout continues to climb to record numbers. Last years elections saw 32.3 per cent of the student body vote, which was up from the previous high of 28.6 per cent from the year before.

As the year winds down for the current executive team, Wassink and Nadia Bathish, Vice-President of External Affairs, both had positive things to say about their year.

“This year as VPEA was an absolute pleasure and I’m so grateful to of been granted the opportunity to serve the Brock students this year,” said Bathish. “In working towards fulfilling promises, everyday tasks, and new interests, I was exposed to things few get to experience and through this I was able to grow and develop in ways that aren’t possible anywhere else.”

“When I came into this job I knew a few of the things that I would be working on; O-Week, Wellness Days, clubs and more,” said Wassink. “What I love about this job is that I ended up getting to not only work on those areas of BUSU, but also do way more around Brock.”

Wassink mentioned the opportunity to meet with MPs, address student needs and learning more about the Student Justice Centre as a few other experiences she enjoyed.

“I don’t think there are many jobs that allow for so much growth in leadership and other useful skills,” said Wassink.

BUSU has not yet announced any referendums for the February elections. Examples of previous referendums include, an increase in club fees and the most popular, the transit referendum, which needed a second vote after failing the first go-around.

“If you even have the slightest thought of running for a position, I urge you to come speak to the executives to gain some insight info and see if the position is right for you,” said Bathish.

For any questions regarding nomination packages and the February elections, students can contact Fiona Purkiss, the Chief Returning Officer at BUSU[SS1] . Her email contact is or she can be reached at the extension of 4597.

Students are also encouraged to go to and read over their elections page for more information.

For more news on the elections, continue to follow The Brock Press, by visiting our website or following us on Facebook and Twitter, @TheBrockPress.

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