New CareerZone location opens off Market Hall


Career Resource Centre staff have made services more available  for students at Brock through a new location named CareerZone, as well as upgrades to the website. The launch, accompanied by an open house, occurred on January 10 at the new location off of Market Hall.

If you’ve entered Market at all in the past week, you may have noticed the new space behind the staircase punctuated by a bright red wall with CareerZone written across it. The space, encased in by wide glass windows, has a convenient, comfortable looking aesthetic with no looming, business-like desks or cubicles. From the outside, it looks less like a formal environment and more like a modern hang-out spot.

Cara Krezek, Brock’s Director of Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, notes it is all about visibility.

“We had the Career Resource drop-in Centre upstairs off of the Learning Commons but I found people walked past it all the time,” Krezek says. “All the students are here in the Market, so visibility was one key thing.”

Another was the name change; through similar efforts to make resources accessible, the idea behind titling the new location CareerZone to match with the online service was made in an effort to help brand the space with a name students are already familiar with. This effort makes Career Services accessible to students looking for a conversation and an experience above a transaction.

The space falls in line with Brock University’s experiential learning style, offering a more hands on, personal approach to help students navigate their future career options beyond learning basic tools but also conversational ones as well.

“It’s not just about the resume or the cover letter,” Krezek says. “If you talk to an employer, the cover letter and the resume is the official tool they want but a lot of times it’s about the interaction. How do you engage with an employer? How do you know if you’re engaging with the employer you want to be engaging with? That’s what we want this space to be about; career exploration.”

Beyond helping with conversational skills or resume writing, the core structure of CareerZone is to help students understand what they want outside of their education.

“If I had to ground it into something it would be about skills and competencies, and helping students understand the skills they’ve learned and developed.”

Beyond being a space for students to seek, the space is also meant to provide employers and community members a space to host sessions as well, creating a relationship between the community, Brock and students.

Along with the physical location, upgrades were also made to the CareerZone website.

“We did a facelift,” Krezek says. “We upgraded the look of it, the feel of it, but we’ve also had some new modules added to CareerZone and we’re going to continue working on upgrading more modules.”`

The new upgrades with CareerZone transition over to the Cloud.

“It’s a lot faster,” Krezek says. “You don’t have to wait as long for pages to load so just the user-friendly usability of it has also changed.”

These upgrades aren’t the last on the horizon for CareerZone, however.

“We’re also looking to develop more resources that students can do when they’re not just sitting in this space, like from home. Whether it’s modules on career development, professional development, those are some things we’re working on as well.”

The new CareerZone location was celebrated at the launch with speeches from Brock’s president Gervan Fearon as well as the keynote address, Brien Convery, Director, Early Talent Acquisition, Attraction and Engagement at Royal Bank of Canada.

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