More volunteer positions on the horizon for young Canadians


New volunteer experiences may be made available for youth thanks to Canada Service Corps, a new national youth service initiative that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched into its ‘design phase’ on Tuesday. The initiative, which aims at supplying young Canadians with more service opportunities, will be looking at national, regional and local organizations.

“Young people should have more chances to serve their communities, while gaining valuable skills and experience,” Trudeau said in a press release. “That is what Canada Service Corps is all about. If we’re going to get this right, we need to hear from young Canadians. Together, let’s inspire a new culture of service in Canada and build a better country, one community at a time.”

The design phase will invest over $105 million until 2021 to different national volunteer organizations in an attempt at creating new volunteer positions. The idea is that these organizations will be able to fund new, updated programs that young Canadians can take advantage of; these volunteer positions would provide young volunteers with experience that they would not be able to find currently due to lack of options.

Additional to the funding, the Government of Canada is looking to work closely with these organizations to explore different ways of getting Canadian youth more engaged in service work as well.  

The Canada Service Corps will operate through an online matching service, the first step of the design phase, where volunteers can go to apply and be sorted to a volunteer opportunity within or near their community, across Canada, or abroad depending on what kind of experience the volunteer is looking for. 

Additionally, volunteers will also be able to use the service to apply for funding that can go towards making their own projects come to life. This funding, under TakingITGlobal, will provide volunteers with fixed amounts of $250, $750, or $1,500 that can be used to fund service projects.

The next 18 months will be used as a testing phase, putting the launch for the new service ahead of the coming 2019 election.


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