BLCS to host Ball Hockey Tournament for the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara

Brock University

Last week, registration for the annual Flora Broley Play for Memories Ball Hockey Tournament opened. The event, which is in support of the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara, is one of Brock Leaders Citizenship Society’s (BLCS) many initiatives.

The inception of the tournament occurred in 2010 when Laura Broley, a former member of BLCS, decided to create the event after her grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. Since then the tournament has been running annually, as a way to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara.

“Events that raise funds for the programs and services we provide are vital to ensuring we can deliver the necessary support to persons living with dementia and their care partners throughout the Niagara Region”, said Terry McDougall, Director of Fund Development for the Alzheimer’s society of Niagara.

“In addition, when events such as this are organized without putting a strain on our resources, it frees our staff to concentrate on other opportunities to raise funds at the same time.”

The tournament is a three versus three ball hockey tournament. Each team must have at least six players including a goalie. It costs $25 per player to participate. Typically, each team plays three games in the pool round and then the best teams enter into the knockout round.

Besides the hockey tournament there will be a raffle, music, and other games available to players and spectators. There is also a restaurant at the venue, Bar Upstairs, where attendees can enjoy snacks or meals between games.

“Planning has gone very well so far, and we can announce that teams have already started to register! Our team of first year students and upper year mentors are very dedicated to putting on a great event for a great cause”, said Craig Maltais, co-Initiative Lead.

“Having new people in the planning room every year is great because we get so many new perspectives and ideas so that we can make the tournament more and more successful, and easier to run year after year. We also want to thank the Athletic Centre for helping us out and being so kind, providing us with a great host facility for our tournament!”

The goal for this year’s tournament is to have as many teams as possible sign up in order to raise more money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

“Since 2010 we have raised over $47,000 and we hope to add to that again this year. In addition to the proceeds that we raise, we hope that all the players have a great time at our tournament with fun and competitive games! As for the planning committee, we want to grow strong leadership and planning skills to help or Society members in their future initiatives and experiences at Brock University and in the Community,” said Maltais.

“There is no doubt that this event has helped the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region”, McDougall remarked.  “The funds they raise from this event support a range of specialized programs that provide information, education, support and advocacy at every stage of the dementia journey and assist us in our vision of a community where individuals with dementia and their care partners are fully supported to maximize their quality of life and well-being.”

The actual event will take place on March 24 at the Athletic Centre. To learn more about the event, check it out on Facebook at or on twitter @PlayForMemories. To register go to For students who cannot attend the event but still want to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara they can donate using either of the following links: or Additionally donations can be made by calling the Alzheimer’s Society of Niagara’s office at  905-687-3914.

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