Apparent fraud reported to Campus Secruity

Campus Security surveillance footage /

Campus Security surveillance footage /

On Thursday afternoon, a Brock student was approached by a suspicious man asking students to donate to a charity – the incident is being reported as an apparent fraud.

The incident, which was reported to Campus Security, occurred just after 4:00 p.m. The male suspect approached a female student in Thistle Complex, near the Tim Hortons. The male, reported to be between 27 and 30 years old, had a pamphlet and portable debit machine in hand and pressured the student to donate to a charity.

After being pressured, the student swiped her debit card to make a donation. Following the encounter and realizing the suspicious nature of the incident, the student went back to the area where she met the man, but he was gone. The matter was reported to Campus Security and they helped the student contact her bank to cancel the debit card.

The male reportedly approached other students prior to the incident as well.

Similar events occurred at other universities in December and Campus Security believe the male was involved in those incidents as well.

The suspect has not been found, but the matter has been reported to Niagara Regional Police.

Anyone who has information about this or similar incidents, or who thinks they have seen the male in question, should contact Campus Security by calling x3200 or using any of Brock’s emergency phones.

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