Things that didn’t suck in 2017


Okay, hear me out. This year was kind of rough. I get it. But let’s look on the bright side.


Disney Marvel continued to slay this year releasing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok. This year they managed to earn $2.5 billion dollars on their films alone, answering the new question on everyone’s lips: “are superhero movies dying?” With a resounding “no”. DC and Warner Brothers also released two films: Wonder Woman and Justice League. While the former destroyed all previous misconceptions about a female-led superhero film, Justice League did falter with the overall critical reception being negative. That being said, fan-reviews of both films were well into 80 per cent positive compared to only 50-60 per cent for every other DCEU film. Hopefully they are learning.

However, if superhero films aren’t your cup of tea there are already a myriad of worthy Oscar contenders. To name a few: Dunkirk, Get Out, Darkest Hour, Molly’s Game and War of the Planet of the Apes. This year there was a massive amount of fantastic films.

Video Games:

Who would’ve thought that the Nintendo Switch would be on a roll. At the beginning of 2017 there were memes about how the Switch only had five launch titles and one of them was coming out on the Wii U as well. However, Nintendo has been proving that it isn’t playing around when it comes to their new handheld and console hybrid. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released to universal claim citing it as redefining the franchise and genre of open-world. Meanwhile just this fall, Mario Odyssey has done much the same thing. They’ve even announced the first-ever mainline Pokémon game will be on the Switch sometime next year. Nintendo still has a long way to go to make the console go down in its books of memorable releases, but it is well on its way by reimagining their key franchises.

Speaking of reimagining franchises, we’ve also had a myriad of new games that have done just that release this year as well. Resident Evil 7 managed to bring the horror back to a dying genre, Cuphead put a frantic Contra-esque shooter into the wonderful world of 1940s animation and Sonic Mania managed to be a good Sonic game released after Sonic 3.


TV shows this year have been absolutely fantastic, especially on Netflix. Stranger Thing’s second season got rid of most of the fat of the series and managed to leave just the incredible characters that will keep us coming back next year. Game of Thrones, while burdened with ending a series whose original creator hasn’t ended it yet, managed to still draw in just under 17 million concurrent viewers during the finale of the season. Even BoJack Horseman managed to absolutely wring tears out of its fans this year as it told a nuanced and terribly sad story about its protagonist’s family. Some new series’ started as well like American Gods, which is the adaptation of perhaps the strangest Neil Gaiman novel yet. Legion a mind-bending take on an X-Men tale that received rave reviews in its first season.

There was a lot lacking this year, like most years, however as far as media and entertainment is concerned – it was a banner year.

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