How the Trump Stole Christmas


Every reporter down in Washington liked to find out the truth,

But the Trump, who lived in the White House, was more uncouth!

The Trump hated the truth, everything about it!

And because of this, for his job he was quite unfit.


People wondered why the Trump was the way he was,

And why he was so racist, angry and committed faux pas.

Maybe it was because his heart was jet black,

Or maybe because a brain was something he lacked!


Trump stood there on Christmas Eve, hating the truth-tellers,

The people he liked, well, they were mostly basement-dwellers.

It was on this day that the Trump had a thought,

He could cancel Christmas — he said, “why not?”


If he cancelled Christmas, the news would surely report,

And they would do stories and offer a retort,

And if the news was all about how he cancelled the holiday,

Nobody would think about all the evil he was up to — would they?


So Trump called a conference and said “That’s it”

“No more Christmas, it’s about time that we quit”

“No presents are to be sold, on my order!”

And reporters listened, dumbfounded, with their recorders.



And on Christmas Day, Trump sat with a smile.

With no Christmas, everyone would be hostile.

They wouldn’t be focused on exposing him or his posse

How they were racist, sexist, ill-equipped and bossy.


But that’s when Trump looked out the window and saw,

That people filled the streets, despite his new law.

And they came to bring tidings, and share Christmas cheer

And to his new orders, they would not adhere.


And that’s when Trump realized — he could not control

Even though his heart was like a lump of coal.

Because the people of the country believed in being good to one another,

No matter where they came from, they were all sisters and brothers


And just as Trump fell back into his chair, angry and defeated,

It came on the TV — Breaking News, in the election, Trump cheated!

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