Holiday crafts for those who fail at crafting

For many, the winter holidays are a time of decorating and gift giving. For the one’s in university, the budget does not stretch quite as far as we would like. The urge to take to Pinterest to find the perfect thing to finish off the Christmas tree grows stronger day by day. If you, like me, lack any serious crafting abilities, you’re in luck. Below are a few ideas for some Christmas crafts that are high-impact but easy to make, even for those of us who are the definition of ‘Pinterest Fail.’ Most of the things you need can be found at a dollar store.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

What you need:
A mason jar, clean with all labels removed
Hot glue*
Cotton balls
Glitter and/or fake snow
Winter themed miniatures, such as a little snow covered tree or a snowman
Ribbon or decorative holiday tape (optional)

How to make it:
Arrange your miniatures howwever you want them in your snow globe and glue them to the inside of the mason jar lid. Let the glue dry.
Put a bit of glue around the bases of your miniatures and stick down some cotton balls. Let the glue dry.
Put a bit of glitter and/or fake snow into the mason jar.
Carefully put the lid on your jar, miniatures on the inside, and screw it on tightly.
If you like, glue a bit of ribbon around the outside of the mason jar lid or tie some on in a bow.
Flip it over and watch the snow fall.
Fancy Christmas Balls

What you need:
Plain glass or plastic christmas balls
Hot glue*
Gold paint
Pipe cleaners
Gold jingle bells
Googly eyes
Red cotton puff

How to make the jingle bells:
Carefully pull off the top of the christmas ball.
Fill with jingle bells.
Replace the top.
Tie a bow out of ribbon and glue in place.
Glue a bell or two onto the bow to hide the knot.
Attach a hook and hang on the tree.

How to make Rudolph:
Carefully pull off the top of the christmas ball.
Pour some gold paint into the ball and swirl it around until it coats the inside of the ball completely. Leave to dry.
Replace the top.
Cut some pieces of brown pipe cleaner and twist them together to look like antlers.
Hang a few jingle bells on the antlers (optional).
Glue the antlers onto the back of the top of the christmas ball. Let the glue dry.
Glue on the googly eyes and the red cotton puff to make a face. Let the glue dry.
Attach a hook and hang on the tree.

Snow Storm Garland

What you need:
Cotton balls
Fishing line or thin ribbon
Hot glue*

How to make it:
Measure the height of your window and cut some lengths of the fishing line or ribbon to that length.
Cut another strip that is the same width as the window and tie the lengths at even intervals along it.
At random spots along the lengths of your fishing line, put dots of hot glue and immediately attach cotton balls.
Hang the strands in front of your window for an instant snow storm, in case the weather isn’t cooperating.
*Be careful with the hot glue. It can get very hot and drip. Don’t get it on your skin and don’t touch the tip of the gun.

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