He Said, She Said


It’s New Year’s Eve… a holiday marked by revelry, resolutions, champagne and, last but not least, the infamous “stroke of midnight kiss”. 

“I’ve been seeing someone over the last few months, and it hasn’t gotten serious as we both agreed to take things slow, the holidays are here and I’m now left wondering on NYE to kiss or not to?”

-Sincerely, Confused not Clingy”

He Said: 

Dear Confused not Clingy,

While it’d be great to have that special moment with that special someone at the stroke of midnight, an entire night worrying about it won’t be a fantastic memory. If you two have plans to be together on NYE, then just let it flow. Things don’t have to rush to conclusion, rather just read the room and enjoy each other’s company. When the countdown starts if you feel it’s an appropriate time to go for it — go for it!


She Said:

Dear Confused not Clingy,

The midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve, has become overrated. Putting this much pressure on yourself and (each other) takes away from the spirit of fun around the holidays. Just remember the NYE kiss is baked into tradition and is just a simple expression of love or well wishes for the new year. My advice is to go with flow of the night, you can always aim for the cheek to keep things fun but still flirty.

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