Updated: Brock student shot in Hamilton after helping senior


On December 2, a Brock student was killed in Hamilton by a male who was harassing a senior.

19-year-old Yosif Al-Hasnawi, was leaving a mosque with his brother around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, when he noticed two men bothering an older man. Yosif approached the situation to assist the man, described as a senior. Yosif was then shot by one of the men.

Yosif was simply coming to the aid to help the senior. The Brock student is being remembered as a hero and ‘Good Samaritan’

Hamilton police were contacted, but Yosif was pronounced dead around 10:00 p.m. after being transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Yosif was a first-year Medical Sciences student.

Hamilton police say one of the two men was arrested Monday morning around 3:30 a.m. James Matheson has been charged with accessory.

They have also identified the second suspect, who is the alleged shooter, and police are currently applying for a warrant for second-degree murder.

The police are trying to locate the male that was being accosted by the suspects.

Some members of the community who were on the scene when paramedics and police arrived told reporters that Yosif’s injuries weren’t taken seriously.

“They thought he was acting,” said Talib Al-Jalili.

“He was lying there complaining he was hurting and they kept saying he was faking,” said Tom Raczynski, a man who lives in the area.

Raczynski went on to say that one paramedic kept saying Yosif was a good actor.

Paramedics told Yosif that he was shot by a pellet gun and just acting.

Russell Crocker, deputy chief of Hamilton Paramedic Service, said Monday that a investigation has begun on the service. According to a statement, the service has notified the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care investigation branch.

“HPS will ensure that our process is thorough and that all facts are obtained and examined in regards to the event this past weekend,” the statement said.

Amin Al-Tahir, director at the Al-Mostafa Islamic Centre, said it took about 20 minutes before they put Yosif in the ambulance.

People are also questioning why Yosif was taken to St. Joe’s and not Hamilton General, the region’s trauma centre, which is also closer to the scene of the incident.

In a press release, Brock University encourages students and staff to reach out for any counselling:

 “Students wanting information on counselling should contact Mehroon Kassam, Clinic Manager of the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre at mkassam@brocku.ca 

The faculty and staff contact for counselling support is Kathryn Walker, Manager of health Management & Wellness, at kwalker6@brocku.ca

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