Why won’t you let people like things?

Guess what ladies and gents, I’m a basic b****. Yes, I like Starbucks, yes I have multiple Apple products, and there is a pretty strong chance that if you pass me in the hallways you’ll probably hear the faint but pleasant sounds of Carly Rae Jepson spewing from my iPhone earbuds. I take aesthetic shots of autumn leaves for Instagram and I genuinely enjoy the warmth and comfort of blanket scarves.

And I literally could not care less if you think this makes me shallow.

Before I go into details, I’m not here to use these interests as a preface to a ‘but look at all the cool, deep, nontraditional things I like that justify me as a person so I’m not only made of the shallow things’ sort of narrative. I don’t need to like The Ramones to give my life purpose and I certainly do not need your opinion, one which I’ve never asked for, to prove to me that my interests are shallow.

So before I go any further, let me say one thing: please just let people like things.nov28.op.basic

And no I’m not talking about liking fascism or racism, or any other highly problematic subject that actively hurts other human beings. I’m talking about that overly expensive cruelty-free makeup for Sephora that literally does not hurt anyone at all. I’m talking about the non-consequential stuff that men and women, especially young girls, are made to feel ashamed of just because society deems it as frivolous, vain, or ‘basic’.

The fact is young girls already have enough to deal with. Media is constantly telling us to be pretty but not too pretty, sexy but also modest, confident but humble, and strong but not too strong in case it makes us look bossy. When you tell a girl that she should have certain things to be accepted in society, there’s a pretty good chance she’s going to adhere to those things. By telling her she’s basic because of those things, you’re only adding to the already incredibly demanding tasks that fill the defining formative years of her life.

And boys, please, please, please, feel free to drink those caramel macchiatos and watch Grey’s Anatomy with pride. You are just as allowed to be basic as anyone else.

This is also not to say that taking unconventional approaches is bad. If you peer into my spotify, you’ll find some of the weirdest dredges of indie alt and rap that could be scraped from the bottoms of even the darkest and dustiest music libraries, but you’ll also find the Britney Spears Christmas album. It is okay to be a little out there, or a whole lot out there just as much as it’s cool to like leggings and sweater dresses.

I’m a basic b****, and I won’t apologize for it, nor should you. So live your most basic life and live and let live cause climate change or Donald Trump or some force outside of our control will probably bring on the end of the world anyway and life is far too short to be concerned with the shallowness of others.


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